Group Therapy - How to Find the Right Detox Program for Your Loved One

How to Find the Right Detox Program for Your Loved One

The addiction rates in the U.S. are staggering. A heartbreaking 1 in 7 Americans will face addiction in their lifetime, and every 19 minutes an American dies from an overdose.

The rate of those who receive treatment is a dismal 10%.

If you suspect or know that your loved one is struggling with an addiction, help get them into a drug detox program as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s overwhelmingly likely that the path they’re on will kill them.

Here’s how to choose the best program for your loved one.

Drug Detox Specialties

There are many types of substances that people can become addicted to. Treatment plans will vary depending on the substance that the person abuses.

Thus, when you are searching for a drug detox program, the first thing you should look for is one that specializes in your loved one’s substance. For example, Revive Detox is an excellent choice for alcohol addiction recovery.

Contact a Professional

There are many viable options for rehab out there, but as every individual is different, their rehab needs are different.

For example, some individuals may do better in a rural facility, others might do better close to the beach. Nature, in general, helps people relax and gives them the ability to better focus on recovery.

Also, some individuals will respond better to certain treatment options than others. Unless you’re a treatment professional yourself, you’ll probably have no idea what will be the best options for your loved one.

Contact a professional and have them evaluate your loved one and provide their recommendation for treatment options.

Holistic Treatment

Addiction is not a simple disease and many factors can affect it. However, some detox centers are too focused on detox and miss some of the other factors that may be exacerbating your loved one’s condition.

Look for a drug detox program that takes a holistic approach. In addition to medication and counseling, a proper focus on diet, exercise, social activities, and more can be used to combat depression and other mental health issues that often accompany addiction and slow down recovery.

Ongoing Support

Patients don’t just go through a drug detox program and then wake up one day cured of their addiction. Detox is a tough process and takes determination to make it through, but sobriety is a daily decision.

For many it gets easier the longer they’ve been sober. But for many a staggering life blow can send them running back to drugs or alcohol even after years of sobriety.

Look for a detox center that provides ongoing support for patients. Support groups, resources, and more help patients make that daily choice to stay sober.

Find Help for Your Loved One Today

You may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of drug detox programs available. You want to send your loved one to the place that will help them the most.

Carefully evaluate your options and if it comes down to it, just choose one. It’s better to get them started on the path to recovery than to become paralyzed by your choices and end up not doing anything.

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How to Find the Right Detox Program for Your Loved One

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