…and plan to have a total breakdown later this evening.
We went to see our local vet today, and the news isn’t good.
Apparently veterinary fees are much much higher here, than
they are in Kansas.  When they handed me the estimate, of 
the completion of Gabe’s treatment, I just about passed out.
$1130. 97
This is almost 3 times the estimate of the charges, that were given
to us in Kansas!
Not sure what I’m going to do now…but if any of you would be 
willing to pray, I would be most appreciative.
If you want to donate – the button is still on the sidebar.
$3 from each of my followers would cover the whole
thing, plus enough leftover for his semi-annual vaccinations.
I hate to beg, but…

I'm in SHOCK…

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0 thoughts on “I'm in SHOCK…

  1. this breaks my heart. I hate vet fees. We lost a cat almost 2 years ago because they wouldn't work out a payment plan to help up with the surgery we needed. It was pay half before surgey and pay half after. Like 2 days really made a differance for us to come up with the money. I am definitely praying.

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