It is estimated that up to 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping. If you spend most of the night staring at your alarm clock and wishing you could just close your eyes and doze off, it’s time to do something about sleepless nights. A lack of sleep can affect your physical health and your mental well being, but there are things you can do to try and improve your sleep patterns. One option is to consider how your bedroom is affecting the quality of your sleep. You may not think that your sleeping environment is all that important, but you’d be wrong. Here are some tips that may help you sleep better.

Changing Your Mattress

Do you find it hard to get comfortable at night? Are you always tossing or turning or do you struggle with aches and pains? If you’ve had the same mattress for a long time, you find the surface too soft or hard or you can feel springs poking out, it may be time to consider replacing your bed. It’s so important that you are comfortable when you get into bed. Take a trip to a local showroom and lie out on different mattresses. See which level of firmness suits you best, and try different brands and materials. Everyone is unique, so you need to sample the different types before you make a choice.

Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can't Sleep
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Getting the Temperature Right

Do you wake up at night dripping in sweat or is your room so cold that you get into bed wrapped up as if you were going on an Arctic expedition? Temperature can play an important role in ensuring that you feel comfortable at night, so have a look into ways you can either warm up or cool down your room. Innovations like a heat trace system are a good option if you find it hard to keep cool in summer and get warm in winter, and you can also use really simple gadgets like fans or invest in warm blankets and thick duvets. If your room is draughty, it’s worth sealing any window and door frames and using a draught excluder to keep heat in. Swapping cotton or linen curtains for a heavy-duty blind or lined curtains may also make a positive difference.

Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can't Sleep
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Blocking Out Light

How often do you wake up at the crack of dawn because the sunlight is streaming through the window or find it impossible to get to sleep because of the street lights out on the road? If light is keeping you awake, it’s a good idea to visit a home store and look for blackout curtains or blinds. When it’s pitch black, you’ll find it much easier to get settled.

Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can't Sleep
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Creating a Relaxing Ambiance

Are you surrounded by clutter? Have you got walls painted in neon colors? Is there so much going on in your room that it’s impossible to relax? If you long for a more relaxing, calming space, opt for light, plain colors, avoid having wires and flashing lights in the room and tidy everything away. Dim the lights, close the curtains and unwind with a good book or a soothing playlist.

Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can't Sleep
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If you find it hard to sleep, your bedroom could be to blame. Follow these steps to create a tranquil haven where you feel comfortable, cozy, and calm.


Is Your Bedroom The Reason You Can’t Sleep?

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