Keep Your Sinuses Free This Winter

Halloween treats and colors are appearing on the shelves of your favorite supermarket. But they’re not the only seasonal novelties! Packs of tissues, warm blankets, and noodle soups are also popular purchases during the colder months of the year. Indeed, there is no winter without a runny nose. However, it would be unfair to blame your cold on your weather. Indeed, you can equip your household to transition into the new season effortlessly and keep your sinuses free. Here are some essential tips to avoid congestion this winter:

We all have favorite products 

You can’t afford not to pack some essential health products. Indeed, even with the best of care, you might wake up one morning with a stuffy nose and a headache. Many reasons can explain it – and most of them relate to your household. But, if you want to free your sinuses rapidly, you need to be prepared! A sinus rinsing neti pot, for instance, can be a life-saver to un-stuff a blocked nose! 

Is your environment facilitating mold formation?

The first and most crucial question you need to ask yourself is whether the moisture at home is within the healthy range. Indeed, excess moisture could be caused by a small leak inside the walls or under the floor. Typically, if you’re using a humidity sensor at home, you may notice a peak in air humidity levels in certain areas. However, if you don’t see any leakage, it’s a good idea to call an expert and arrange for a slab leak detection appointment to tackle under floor issues. Another common culprit is bathroom ventilation. A hot shower in the morning increases moisture in the air, which your ventilation system needs to evacuate safely. Indeed, mold spores are likely to cause respiratory issues. 

Do you have an effective cleaning schedule?

Your carpet contains a microcosm of its own, which you can’t destroy through vacuuming only. Indeed, carpets accumulate micro particles of dust and pet dandruff, which can lead to allergies. As most people spend a lot of time indoors in winter, you’re more likely to struggle with sinus issues. Ideally, you should call in professional steamers every six months for a dust-free home. Pet owners need to book steaming appointments every four to six weeks. Keeping track of your cleaning schedule can help to keep your sinuses free of blockage. 

Are there any allergens in the air?

Indoor air pollution is one of the top air quality issues in the US. The typical pollutants tend to consist of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon, combustion products, and pesticides. Unfortunately, as indoor toxins are invisible to the naked eye, they are too often ignored by homeowners. However, they can cause allergic reactions, respiratory distress, and even lead to cancer. 

Are you overheating? 

Lastly, you want to keep your home cozy when the weather is cold outside. However, turning the heating to the max may not be a good idea. Indeed, overheating your home can dry out your indoor air, which affects your sinuses. Ideally, you should keep your moisture levels between 40% and 50% at home. 

Cleansing your sinuses regularly can help to avoid buildup and congestion. However, keeping on top of your house maintenance duties can significantly transform your experience of winter. Keeping your household healthy will help everybody to breathe freely. 

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