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SCOUT Helping Us to Make Our House a Home

Disclaimer:  Beautiful Touches received product from SCOUT, to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All opinions expressed are those of the author.

During out recent state to state move, we lost a lot of our belongings.  Among them, my favorite rugs from Scout.  I really loved them…how they looked, the quality, and ease of care.

How grateful I am they were replaced for me, and I want to share!!!Bags from SCOUT


One question we get asked a lot is how the name ‘SCOUT’ came to be. Our Creative Director Deb loved the name ever since she was a kid and read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Years later when Demi Moore and Bruce Willis named their own daughter after Lee’s narrator, Deb decided instead that “Scout” would be the perfect name for the Johns family’s wire-haired Dachshund. It was with Scout and Deb’s mother’s words (“We know God has a sense of humor because he invented the Dachshund”) that the Bungalow company brought the name ‘SCOUT’ into its brands, with the tail-wagging Dachshund as its icon. Just as Scout suggests in our logo, the brand centers around the idea of an ‘on the go’ lifestyle… Wherever you’re headed – be it on vacation, to a game, to a party – SCOUT’s right there to support your busy life.

The original idea for SCOUT bags came from the plaid commodity shopping bag used by street vendors to transport their merchandise; we then located a version of the same bag in a high-end boutique in Milan that, in comparison, had a high-fashion finish of a leather bottom and handles – this was the inspiration behind the Original Deano tote! We’d found our niche for functional, fashionable, affordable bags, and SCOUT was born. Presently we feature 500+ new products throughout the year, with a smaller collection of gift items available in the winter.

So many awesome products to choose from!

Bags from SCOUT

  • Storage
  • Rugs
  • Accessories – Cosmetic Bags, Poches & Catchalls / Wallets & Wristlets / Keychains & Luggage Tags
  • Bags – Totes / Crossbody / Beach / Shoulder / Travel / Backpacks
  • Coolers – Lunch / Party / Picnic / Casserole Carriers

But, what I want to share with you today is, the rugs they sent me to replace the ones that got left behind. They are perfect for our new place.

What makes our mats so special? They’re intended for indoor/outdoor use, non-skid, and 100% machine washable. The low profile fits under doors. Our rugs are made in America and take 5-7 additional days to ship. They are made-to-order and cannot be returned or exchanged.

I love the pattern – love the color – love that they are so easy to care for!  I go over them with the vacuum, and lightly with a wet mop.

Should they ever need deep cleaning, I’ll pop them into the washing machine, and then lay them over a bench to dry. Their low,profile means that our front door opens and closes easily, and since they are non-skin, they stay in place. For a seamless look, SCOUT offers 13 (yes thirteen) different styles of bags in the same pattern!

Learn More, Follow,and Shop SCOUT: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

18 thoughts on “SCOUT Helping Us to Make Our House a Home

  • I love all of the colors and patterns. I didn’t realize that they had so many products.

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  • Okay so I dont know what demographic you were trying to hit with your article about scout brand but you definitely hit the nail on the head because I am OBSESSED with shopping totes storage bags storage containers lunch bags and the like thank you so much for the introduction to this brand Scout now let the shopping begin yay!

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  • I have never heard of this brand, thanks for sharing! They have some really neat products I would love to own.

  • I have never of this brand before but their products sound great! I really need a few of their rugs, I l love that they are non-skid and machine washable! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  • They have beautiful products. The doxy Scout won me over because we are a doxy family. I would love to purchase from them and for gifts they would be perfect.


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