Love isn’t always easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. One thing all spouses share in common is the struggle to find last minute gifts. Year after year gift choices and ideas get smaller and smaller, leaving you to feel hopeless. Maybe last year you went all out and bought your spouse a home recording studio or gifted them (and yourself!) a plush Nectar mattress—now you’re left wondering how to top all that. To make the decision harder, there are so many special occasions every year, gift shopping can be exhausting! Don’t feel guilty; you’re not the only spouse who waited last minute to pick something out for your husband or wife. There is no need to worry; all you need is some new gift inspiration. Whether it is for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or an anniversary, we have the ultimate guide to finding a last-minute gift for your spouse that will make him or her happy.

1. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

There is nothing better than being surprised by your spouse with a candle-lit homemade dinner, and some good old-fashioned together time. Sometimes you don’t even realize how little time you actually spend with your husband or wife in your home due to busy schedules. Before you decide to run to the store to purchase a fancy gift, try and remember the last time you guys spent quality time in your home, alone. To pull this off you will need only one shopping trip; to purchase fresh ingredients for your tasty meal. The rest is easy! Light some candles, pour a glass of wine, maybe even make a homemade desert. There is no better gift than some real one-on-one time with your spouse. Ask him or her some questions to get to know your spouse a little deeper or take a walk down memory lane and talk about when you first met. Or sit down together after the meal and have a fun night playing free games on sites like Friv—just don’t’ forget to protect your eyes with a pair of cutting-edge gaming glasses! The homemade dinner was just our idea, but what you do after that is up to you!

2. Jewelry

The way to a man or a women’s heart is always jewelry. We can’t help it; it is just in our human nature to desire shiny, sparkly, pretty things! You might be thinking, “but I got him or her a great Skagen watch just last year”. All you need is to either, 1. Check your spouse’s Pinterest or browser history, or 2. Think hard about the last time you saw him or her stop and look at a piece of jewelry last time you at the mall. All you need is a little inspiration when it comes to jewelry. You may think it’s too cliché, but let’s be honest, jewelry never gets old. In case you forgot, jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches.

3. Alcohol For the WinLast Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

There is nothing that a good bottle of your favorite alcohol can’t fix. If you really waited last minute, to the point where even a mall run is out of the question, there is a good chance your liquor store is right down the street. However, this liqueur run won’t be like any other run, this time you need to be willing to spend some big bucks and get your spouse something fancy. Don’t go for your traditional 6-pack of beer, we are talking like a $50 bottle of champagne or a $100 bottle of the best bourbon that liquor store sells. Rap a bow on the bottle, wash out the dust on some of your dusty china, and turn your night into one for the books! Then the two of you can kick back, maybe help each other relax taking turns with a back massager, and drink a toast to yourselves and your special love.

4. The Classic Move

What exactly is the classic move? When buying a gift for a special gentleman in your life, it might be something like buying a classy new beard trimmer. Or, you could consider purchasing your spouse a brand-new bottle of expensive perfume or cologne. You may have forgotten about this option because you moved on a long time ago after you bought their 5th bottle of perfume. Now it may be a good time to revisit that gift! Instead, this time choose a smell you as the spouse desire them to smell like. Choose something that sets the mood, or that makes you think of your significant other! Whichever you choose, make sure it is a “fancy” brand in order to make your spouse feel special.

5. Bring Out Your DIY Side

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Tired of getting your spouse the same thing every year? If it is a DIY gift, then you will never have to worry about that again. Not all DIY gifts are a bunch of glue and popsicle sticks, there are many cute and creative ideas for projects. Need some inspiration? Don’t worry! Make your spouse a basket filled with all of their favorite things, make a rustic frame to place a wedding photo in, a handmade sign, or if you want to go all out, make him a custom wood design. You can find and endless amount of ideas on

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

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