3 Ways To Keep Fit

We all know that we need to take good care of our bodies and keep them healthy and fit. We know if, yet we don’t always do it. It is just that sometimes it can be hard to fit exercise into our lives, or to find something to do that we really enjoy.

This is why today we have come up with 3 ways to keep fit, and we hope that we can inspire you.

Walk everywhere

Walking is an underrated way to keep ourselves fit, and yet our bodies are designed for it, it is free and it is easy!

We tend to rely on our cars and public transport to get around, and then take elevators and escalators when we are inside. Make the effort to walk into town from time to time and to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Along with switching to walking, plan to take more walks for the sake of walking. Whether you stroll with a friend around local gardens or take a solo hike through your nearest national park, walking and the great outdoors will be great for your health and fitness. 

Take up a class

Committing yourself to attending a regular exercise class is a good way to stay on track and stick to your exercise routine. It is also fun as you get out there and make new friends through your shared activity. 

Take a look at what is available in your area and opt for something that you feel is suitable for your fitness levels and abilities. Once you have selected something that you like the sound of, get yourself some appropriate apparel such as the range from Glow, you can learn more here. 

If you are struggling to find something in your community then grab a DVD or take a look at YouTube for some exercise inspiration. 

Get a dog

There is nothing likely to motivate you to get out and about more than owning a dog. Or being owned by a dog, if the truth be known. 

Your faithful friend is going to need plenty of consistent training and then they will need to be exercised, and the handy byproduct of that is that you will also be getting some exercise.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out and about when it is just you, but when big brown eyes look up at you hopefully, you tend to be able to get yourself out.

It will very much depend on the breed of dog that you choose and then the personality of the dog itself as to how much exercise it will need, but it is likely to be anywhere from half an hour a day to three to four hours a day, split into two to three walks. 

That is a lot of exercise and as they will need it rain or shine, you know that you will be walking around every day, breathing in the fresh air, meeting other dog owners and giving your body an all-round workout. 



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