Little Leap’n Lizard Lives on my Lanai

Ok – to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a lanai, just a plain ole back porch – but I’m claiming poetic license here.

Leap’n has been living in the plants on my back porch, for the last couple of months.

He seems to be a loner, as I haven’t seen a Mrs. Leap’n.

I like him, and I think that he likes me…more to come.

Leap'n Lizard

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0 thoughts on “Leap'n Lizard

  1. I seen one of these in my yard today.
    I don’t see a lot of them
    and I about forget that we do have these lizards here in Tx.
    Cool little guys. They run fast too. :o)

  2. he’s so cute ,i have a frog that lives under my porch,he comes out every morning ,the n when sun comes up,back he goes.

  3. This is AWESOME. Btw, I say go with “lanai.” That’s what Blanche called it on “Golden Girls.” LOL.

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