Let Your Palate Be the Guide: Great Destinations for Foodies

A true foodie wants to learn everything about food. The best way to learn about different foods is to visit where it’s prepared. The world is a big place, but there are some must-visits for foodies. Here are a few destinations that shouldn’t be missed.


Wineries hold some of the best events for foodies. For instance, put your palate to work at The Hermann Wine Trail. This wine trail consists of seven family-owned wineries in beautiful Hermann, Missouri. Wine tasting goes on daily, and there are six trail events with food and wine pairings. Many visitors enjoy the combination of bacon and wine. The Wild Bacon Tasting Menu includes Spiced-Candied Bacon Deviled Eggs with the owner’s choice of wine.

Foodies need to know tasting etiquette for this adventure. Visitors should not wear perfume or cologne so others can enjoy the aroma of the wine. Wineries provide dump buckets so guests don’t have to drink the whole glass of wine. It’s wise to appoint a designated driver or use a driving service. In addition, etiquette dictates the staff always serves the wine. Experience Masti, fitzroy restaurant melbourne run by the Curry Queen, on your own or with a group of friends.


Thai restaurants are popping up all over. That’s because the food is unique and delicious. A trip to Bangkok is foodie heaven. The Asian city has some of the best restaurants in the world. Bangkok chefs excel at all types of cuisine including Japanese, Korean, and Indian. Interestingly, the food is a little different in northern Thailand. This region is known for its noodle soup, khao soi. One cannot judge the food here by the restaurant’s appearance. The best food is traditionally found at modest, family places.

New Orleans

Every foodie must see the sights and sounds of the Crescent City. Be sure to taste the different varieties of gumbo. Most New Orleans natives have their own way of cooking the traditional dish. Gumbo should be thick with lots of fresh seafood and okra. Renowned chef Leah Chase said, “a lot of problems have been solved over a bowl of gumbo.” In addition, be adventurous and try crawfish etouffee. Etouffee is a dish made of smothered seafood over rice.

Foodies must try the city’s world-famous beignets. French-Creoles brought this delicious treat to the colonies in the 18th century. Beignets are fried dough smothered in powdered sugar. They are traditionally served with cafe au lait.

Koreatown, Los Angeles

Foodies know you don’t have to travel in the south to get great barbecue. Indeed, plan a trip to Koreatown in Los Angeles. Many foodies say the brisket is the best they’ve ever had. Look out for the bulgogi which is marinated thinly-sliced sirloin. Kalbi is a garlic soy sauce short rib. There are plenty of restaurants and many are known for delicious sides. Many of the sides feature fermented foods.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is home to some of the best chocolate outside of Switzerland. Who knew the island nation was a large producer of chocolate? It makes sense because cacao plants have been grown here for centuries. Foodies will love staying at resorts that teach guests how to make chocolate. There’s even an island restaurant where every dish is infused with chocolate. Top the trip off by having a chocolate spa treatment.

The world is truly a foodie’s oyster. Delicious cuisine is available all over the world and it’s hard to do a foodie bucket list. Wherever you travel, just save room for dessert.


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