Having a baby on the way is such a thrilling time, and, let’s be honest, doing all of the shopping is pretty fun, too. The baby market is full of adorable and helpful products to help busy and weary parents take care of their little loved one and get them started off right.

The number of items out there can be a tad overwhelming, though, and having one place where the best of big brands and smaller handcrafted things are showcased is a great way peruse the coolest stuff. This is what baby trade shows are for! An annual or semi-annual event like The Baby Show in Toronto is the perfect opportunity to stock up on necessities and check out awesome new innovative products. Plus, there are seminars, workshops, family entertainment, pampering areas, and many opportunities to seek information and try out products. Here’s some of the cool new things that can be found, as an example.

The Safety 1st HD Wi-fi Baby Monitor let’s you use your device to check on baby conveniently. The high-quality video lets you see what you need to clearly, with a zoom, 130-degree view, and 2-way audio to both see and hear.

ZippyJamz make diaper-changing a cinch. These cute, soft, organic cotton footies have a patent-pending 2-zipper design: one for easy changing and one for easy dressing. They’re easy to use and comfortable for baby. They make great gifts for expecting and new parents who are going to need a lot of easy clothing options!

Look For A Local Baby Trade Show For The Coolest Stuff

Baby blankets are out and the Gro-Snug is in for a comfortable and safe night’s sleep. While baby can get dangerously tangled in a blanket, the Gro-Snug snuggly swaddles with arms in or out at bed time. There is no folding needing and a long zipper allows for easy access – so those late-night changes can happen more swiftly. The cotton is incredibly soft and stretchy and comes in two weights for all seasons.

Bed Nanny Bed Guards are Canadian-made sleep-safety wonders for roly-poly, older sleepers. It’s a fitted bedsheet with housing for removable foam guards built into it to block your child from rolling out of bed. It’s easy to set-up and remove pads for when they’re no longer needed. Note that this product is not appropriate for babies who still require a crib, as they do not provide full raised gates on all sides, plus babies can squish their face against bumpers, pillows, or pads.

Let’s not forget about mom: Modern Eternity makes beautiful coats for expecting mothers on chilly days, plus other attractive wardrobe selections. Comfortable and accommodating can still be modern and stylish. Clothes feature extender panels, function with carriers, slings, and are nursing-friendly once baby is born. Plus, panels can be removed when the baby in the belly is gone.

When it’s playtime, the Tiny Love Polar Wonders Plush Gymini provides a fun and comfortable learning station with an adjustable structure for growing little ones. Your baby can lie down and explore the visual and tactile stimulation and enjoy tummy time with mom or dad. The adorable and charming characters are designed to engage motor skills, visual and auditory cognition, imagination, and time spent together.

Local to the GTA, TryMe Baby is a thoughtful company that lets you try out baby gear like strollers before you buy. Test drive a stroller for two days during your regular activities in town and see how you like it before committing.

Look For A Local Baby Trade Show For The Coolest Stuff

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