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Which Planner is Right for You?

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received items from some of the brands below to facilitate this publication. All info on products/services come directly from brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the authors.

Before the last minute hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s time to think about your planner for next year.  I’m a pen an paper person. Digital panning has it’s merits, but I need to physically write things down.  I’ve used planners for years…always looking for the best format to suit my needs.  Below you will find information on some of the ones that I’ve used, and what I think of them.

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It’s Time to Plan: Which Planner is Right for You?

First, Let’s Talk Types of Planners.  They come in many sizes and styles.  Coiled, book-bound, and disc to name a few.  Layouts come in daily, weekly, and monthly. formats  And, can’t leave out the Traveler’s Notebook.  Each has it’s own pro’s and con’s depending on your planning style and needs.

Plum Paper

If you want to truly design you own planner to YOUR specifications, this is the planner for you.  Choose the size, type of binding, covers…and add personalization.  Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, schedules, etc. It can take a bit of time to “create” online, simply because there are SO MANY options.  I chose a daily planner, that was punched for a disc system. The idea of being able to customize the planner with so many details, truly spoke to my personal style.

Besides planners, Plum Paper offers notebooks, accessories, stationary, gift cards, and a sticker subscription plan.

I truly believe that I have found the perfect planner for me… with Plum Paper!

My Plum Planner on Desk / Which Planner is Right for YOU?

I chose the Daily Layout in 8.5″ x 11″ with a Banana Leaf Cover (which is beautiful and sturdy), with a clear heavy plastic overlay. Each page has space for my needs…Priorities / Overview / Me-Home AND loads of additional space for Lists, “Doodling”, and MORE! I chose my disc punched.  I’ve added my own discs, and will be using 3 months at a time.  LOVE IT!


Planners Personalized for you, by you.
Designed & Made in the USA ⁣

Plum Paper is a stationery company based in San Diego, CA. While starting out making simple note cards and wedding invitations, it wasn’t long before our line of planners and notebooks became our most popular and favorite product. It has been so exciting to see the joy these planners can bring to people. Never did we think that creating these personalized products would receive such a positive response, and we love to hear the continuous exciting feedback from our customers.

Each of our products are handmade from start to finish right here in our San Diego office. We put our heart and hard work into each one of our products, and are proud to share these items with you. We hope that they not only help you stay organized throughout the year, but also keep you smiling with pretty patterns and colors.

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Love the sturdy covers on this planner.  They offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly set ups. Home and office “organization” products – Calendars, Desktop Easels/Whiteboards, along with free courses and printables. I loved the layout of the weekly planner that I received.  It’s pastel colors are pleasing to the eye.  The smaller size- 8.5″ x  x 8.75″ makes it easy to toss in a handbag or tote bag.  It’s spiral bound with an attached elastic band to keep it securely closed when needed.


We know that your life is more than just a to-do list. The kitlife planner, and all of our products, have been thoughtfully designed to help you cultivate peace, purpose, productivity and positivity into each and every day. Although getting things done is paramount to a successful life, we also encourage gratitude, healthy eating, physical activity, goal setting, mindfulness and spirituality – as we feel these are all pillars of a contented life.

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Erin Condren

It could be said that she started the “pretty” planner movement.  Erin Condren planners are among the first that gave women (and men) the opportunity to have a planner that was more than utilitarian. As the company has grown, their line up of products has expanded to fit many office needs and wants. Personalization is available for many of their offerings.

“Personalized planner, notebooks, organization accessories & more, designed to help you reduce stress and achieve goals.”

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Travelers Notebooks and Bullet Journals

Bullet Journaling

These are available for dozens of companies.  Purchase the outer cover and fill with inserts of your choice.  Blank pages, lined pages, dot grid pages, etc. etc. Travelers Notebooks and Bullet Journals (also known as BuJos) can be as varied as the user.  Add logs…daily to dos, daily, weekly, or monthly calendars, trackers for just about anything. and LISTS of all kinds.

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Planner Inserts

Buy them already printed or print your own.  One of my favorite sites to purchase from is DIY Fish. She has a HUGE following in the planner world and for good reason.

Find DIY Fish on ETSY and at  DIY Fish Mapping System



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