The Best Life Skills To Teach Your Kids

Kids learn a lot as they grow up. They take to the world like a duck to water, and they can have a lot of fun as they go! However, kids don’t learn the things they need to without a little adult intervention. They don’t pick up the skills that’ll make life a lot easier for them, and they certainly won’t become a natural at them! 

But what are the best life skills to teach your kids? We all have our own opinions, but there are some skills we can universally agree on as being useful and necessary. And as such, we’ve put together a little guide for your convenience. 

The Best Life Skills To Teach Your Kids

To Believe in Themselves

Your child deserves to believe in themselves. They deserve to have self esteem, and to be able to recognize their own achievements in life, no matter how small. A little bit of belief goes a long way, and it’ll help your child to face things head on, and to prevent their own anxieties from ever holding them back. 

When your child knows they can do something, and they can take on whatever they set their mind to, they’ll be much more likely to excel in and out of academic and professional settings. 

Because of this, a bit of praise goes a long way. A ‘well done’ here and a ‘good job’ there can help your child to find their smile and find a bit of pride in the things they do, whether they be household chores or school work. You can also take time to show them how well they’ve done; if they’ve wiped down the surfaces after dinner, take a moment to tell them how pleasantly surprised you are that you can see no dust or left over food on it. 

Some Basic DIY Knowledge

Do-it-yourself knowledge can be in short supply in the modern era. Years and years ago it seems that everyone knew how to do everything, and these days we have little clue how to make a set of shelves ourselves. But in truth, that’s no bad thing! You can use YouTube and other websites to find guides and tutorials, and you’ll always have the chance to teach your kids the things you never learnt yourself. 

And a bit of basic DIY knowledge can go a long way! For example, if you show them what each tool in a tool box is, as well as what they’re used for and how to use them safely, your kids are much less likely to have a household accident or emergency in the future. They’ll also be much more comfortable in performing jobs around the house themselves, which can help them save a bit of money in not needing to call out a professional. 

To Face Things Head-On

Having the courage to face scary things, and knowing how to handle problems when they come their way, is a huge life skill that should be taught young. Kids’ brains soak things up a lot more easily, and if you teach your child that nothing is so bad that they can’t deal with it, they’ll take that attitude into the rest of life with them. 

And you can teach them to be brave in a lot of different ways! One of the best is via watching age appropriate cartoons and animated films, seeing as messages like these are often written into their themes. For example, you can take this list of memorable Lion King quotes and talk about them with your child, and then sit down with a bit of popcorn and watch through the entire saga together. 

When you do talk about courage in films and TV shows, remember, there are no wrong answers here! If your child knows that they’re safe to speak their mind when they’re around you, and they won’t be told they’re wrong for getting something a little off the mark, you’ll be able to build their confidence much more effectively. 

How to Fix Their Own Clothes

Sewing is a skill that has traditionally been passed down from mother to daughter, but everyone deserves to know how to use a needle and thread! Otherwise how will you ever fix that hole in your sock, or that rip in your jeans, without just throwing the item out and buying a new one? 

Sewing is a life skill that not many people possess, and that can make life just a bit harder when it doesn’t need to be. So, if you don’t know how to sew yourself, it’s time to look up a beginner’s tutorial and figure out the basics. Once you’ve done that, make sure you rope your child into learning about it as well. 

Because not only is sewing a skill that’ll help your child to keep their wardrobe in good order, but it also comes with a lot of fun activities. From cross stitching to clothes making and all the way up to knitting and crocheting, your child may find a hobby for life here. 

To Cook with All Kinds of Ingredients

Finally, does your child know how to cook? Probably not, seeing as you take care of all their mealtimes! But it’s a good idea to give your little one some freedom in the kitchen – cooking is a lifelong skill that you can only get better at. It’ll certainly make the oven and the toaster seem less scary! 

And not only that, but it’ll get your child to try new tastes and eat more foods, which can be a hard thing to do when you’ve got a fussy eater on your hands. But if they’ve cooked something themselves, the idea of trying the food becomes less intimidating, and that’ll help them to be a lot more creative in the kitchen, even when they’ve only got a bit of rice in the cupboard. 

Learning life skills starts at home! As long as they’re shown how to do them, kids will pick these useful concepts up very easily. 

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  • These are great suggestions. I started cooking when I was around three years old.


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