4 Sentimental Gift Ideas For A Loved One

Buying the perfect gift can be difficult, even if you know the person really well. Sure, you’ll know exactly what they like- but the last thing you want is to give them something that’s predictable. A sentimental gift can be the perfect go-to for someone you love. Buy them something that pulls on those heartstrings and is really memorable.

For some top sentimental gift ideas, read on!


Jewelry is the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one. Jewelry has an air of luxury about it, so it can make someone feel really loved. Generally people don’t tend to buy jewelry for themselves and so its ideal as a special surprise. Most gifts are perishable; you have them for a few years until they are worn out or misplaced. Jewelry is great because it’s something that you can treasure and keep forever. Make sure that you research the best jewelry stores in town before going shopping! 

Make a photo album 

These days it feels like all our pictures are trapped in the digital world. Whether it’s on your phone, laptop, or social media. When was the last time you printed some pictures out? A personalized photo album is an excellent gift for a loved one. You can print out all of your favorite pictures of them and you together. With a little time and care you can display the pictures beautifully. It’s always a good idea to add a few extras to a photo album; you might want to write descriptions of the pictures for instance. You could use a scrapbook format if you prefer. The main thing is to pick the best snaps and make the whole thing look super pretty! Your local craft store should have some supplies that can help you with this. 

Write a poem 

 There’s nothing more sentimental than the gift of a poem that someone has written you! (However, if you think that your loved one might find this a bit cheesy, it’s best to go with something else!) Lots of people would love a poem but it all depends on personality! Perhaps you don’t think that you’re much of a writer, but that’s okay. Take a look at a few poetry books to get inspiration. Forget about the rhyming and write a free-verse piece that’s from the heart. Once you’re done, you can print, frame, and get crafty decorating it all. 

Tickets to their favorite concert 

On the whole, experiences are far more sentimental than physical gifts. Why not research when your loved ones favorite musician is playing and buy you both tickets. Surprise concert trips are always a winner- if you can help it wait until the last minute to keep up the surprise. Your loved one will really appreciate the fact that you’ve gone out of your way to get them to their favorite show! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures if you go for this option!

 When it comes to gift giving, it’s easy to get stuck in a dull routine. The best gifts are always the most unexpected so why not try something new!






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