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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Everybody remembers the words of the Queen, desperate to preserve her youthful look and beauty.

While you don’t have the power to get rid of your opponent like the Evil Queen in Snow White attempts to do, there is no denying that her quest for perfection hits close to home. Beauty ideal s are a poison that can slowly take over your mind and destroy you. Everybody dreads the day the mirror will reveal that you are not as beautiful as you wish to be. But the truth of the situation is that, whether you’re the Evil Queen or someone else, your unachievable beauty ideals are probably tormenting you. It’s time for a reality check.

Because you expect it to happen by magic

It’s old news: The media have created a world of extreme beauty standards. Celebrities are carefully prepared and styled for the perfect photoshoot, and so are the so-called candid selfies you can find on your favorite social media platforms. Perfect nails, skin and hair need work. Making the best of your appearance means that you should, in the first place, invest in yourself. Boosting your beauty routine with dedicated treatments is essential if you’re going to achieve your goals. Ultimately, you can’t just wake up like a movie star if you don’t have the experts who make you look like one. 

Because you don’t reward your milestones

Are you on a self-improvement journey? Whether you want to lose weight or simply get fitter, the quest to your ideal body is a journey, not an overnight treatment. As a result, your transformation takes time. You’re unlikely to reach the end of your journey if you don’t celebrate each stage. Your body is changing, therefore buying a new item of clothes can keep you motivated. There’s nothing more exciting than creating a list of your favorite fashion brands such as www.superdry.sg/ and rewarding yourself with a new outfit for each milestone. It keeps your mind focused in the right direction. 

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Because your ideals don’t exist in the real world

Social media is a source of joy in the 21st century, but it is also the curse of contemporary mental health issues. Indeed, according to this article www.pulse.ng/lifestyle, false representations on social media can have costly consequences. Impressionable young adults are vulnerable targets who can be easily influenced in purchasing unhealthy weight loss supplements and torturing themselves to achieve unrealistic ideals. The typical Instagram-worthy selfie is the result of gym, plastic surgery and heavy editing. 

Because ideals evolve all the time

Only a decade ago, female beauty ideals encouraged extreme slimness. However, nowadays, more and more women are promoting a strong and fit shape. They are not afraid to display powerful thigh muscles, for instance. Additionally, curvy beauty standards have also changed and proudly show feminine shapes. At the same time, fashion evolved and more and more designers value diversity. In other words, can you be sure that your beauty ideals have remained the same? 

It’s time to retire the mirror on the wall to take an introspective dive into the image of beauty. Your inner image of beauty is flawed, which makes it more difficult to meet your expectations on yourself. 

Why Your Beauty Ideals Are Unachievable

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