5 Things You Should Say to Your Child Before College

Parenting is a journey filled with exciting occasions. The first step, first tooth, first love… the list can go on. But one event is especially emotional both for parents and kids.

Going to college

It is a moment that happens only once during a lifetime. The child is about to start a new life chapter far from home, and the right words can help make this transition more smooth. However, sometimes, it is hard to understand what to say exactly. Here are some ideas.

5 Things You Should Say to Your Child Before College

Make These Four Years Count

Education is a privilege that lots of us simply do not have or can not afford. It is essential to understand that college is a great chance to study, develop, and grow. For a lot of people, it is a one-time opportunity to explore themselves and understand what kind of life they want to live.

Indeed, four years of college is a time to study hard and receive proper education, which helps in building a successful career. But it is also so much more: a chance to meet new people, an opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities, maybe even find a new exciting hobby. It is time to explore, try new things, and not be afraid of challenging yourself.

Living on Your Own Is a Process. Take Your Time

It is especially important to say to children who have never lived without their parents before. Studying in college and living on your own is not only about studies – a lot of new duties will pop up as well.

The necessity of doing your laundry, keeping an efficient budget, cook nutritious and healthy meals… It is a journey. And there will be roadblocks on the way – a ruined batch of white clothes due to a forgotten dark sock, a very questionable fried egg, some poor financial decisions. We all have been there.

The role of parents here is not to solve all the problems. They simply have to explain that living on your own is a process, and some mistakes are inevitable. The most important thing is to take a lesson out of it and move forward.

Balance Is Key

Education is essential, but the thing that matters the most is well-being – both psychological and physical. College studies are demanding and can become a source of stress. If so, every parent has to make sure that the kid understands how crucial it is to find a balance between education and life. And, sometimes, seek help.

It is a good idea to name a few suitable options, so the child will know where to start. For example:

● to get enough sleep

● to pay special attention to mental health

● to learn more about time-management.

● to use extra assistance. There are plenty of resources that can help every student to study effectively and eliminate stress. Something as simple and convenient platform as a professional essay writer service can make a difference. Every student will feel more confident knowing there is a professional writer ready to help with any assignment

5 Things You Should Say to Your Child Before College

Have Fun. But Do It Responsibly

College is an exciting time for every young person. There are plenty of reasons: living far away from parents, new responsibilities, inspiring people around… Of course, there will be some parties and lots of alcohol.

And that is a time when a young person has to make an important decision. Is it wise to drink just one more shot? Is it still not that late? What is a priority – a fun party or an essay which is due tomorrow?

Here is the thing, which is crucial for parents to realize. These are decisions that have to be made by the young person, not anyone else. Still, one can give a piece of advice: to be responsible and wise when it comes to parties.

Remember That We Are Here for You

In parent-child relationships, distance means nothing. No matter how many miles separate them, mothers and fathers are always there for their kids.

Now children can text their parents, make calls, even see them via Skype – there are lots of options to stay connected. And studying in college, which sometimes is overwhelming but exciting, can bring parents and kids even closer even if the miles between them are countless.

5 Things You Should Say to Your Child Before College

Final Words

These are suggestions that parents can take as a baseline and adapt. Every parent-child relationship is unique, so it is wise to take some time and think about your kid. What dreams does he or she have? What he or she plans to achieve?

Answering these questions will help in coming up with the right words. If so, both parents and children can start these new life chapters without fear but with a feeling of love and support.

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