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Interior Design Predictions: 2020 Edition

While some people are making predictions left and right about the 2020 presidential election, others (we included) are making other types of predictions — specifically, what home décor trends are going to ring in the new decade. Already, established interior design trends are on the outs; most people are moving away from minimalism and toward throwback styles, like retro and midcentury modern. However, it’s not clear whether these trends will remain hot into 2020 and beyond — so if you want to be ahead of the trends, you should consider styling your home using these predictions, instead.

2020 Calendar on Smart Phone - Interior Design Predictions: 2020 Edition

Sustainable Materials

Eco-consciousness has pervaded home design to the extend that many designers will only work with natural materials or those sustainably and ethically produced. However, the seep of environmentalism into interior design is not necessarily new; for years, homeowners have focused on increasing efficiency and reducing waste to benefit the environment.

While sustainability will increase in importance in the new decade, there are a few emerging trends that highlight the importance of eco-friendliness:

Indoor greenery. Landscaping isn’t just for the outside. By 2020, your rooms should be bursting with greenery, giving your house the feel of a living, breathing ecosystem. While you can decorate with faux-plants, you should opt for high-quality fakes and take pains to keep them free from dust. A variety of indoor plants are preferable, not just because they look better but because they purify the air by removing toxins and producing oxygen. Currently, some of the trendiest greenery includes beginner-friendly snake plants, zz plants, pothos, pilea and monstera deliciosa.

Fiber arts. If you are looking for a new way to decorate your walls, look no further than fiber arts. Fibers, which include fabric or yarn, provide more texture than traditional artwork, like paintings or photography, and because fibers typically rely on more natural materials, like sheep’s wool or flax, they support the sustainable design look. You can find a bevy of fiber arts from local artists at craft fairs in your area, or you can create your own fiber art by following tutorials for dip-dying or macramé.

Luxury and Opulence

On the other side of the coin, interiors are slowly and steadily becoming more sumptuous in appearance. A century ago, the roaring ‘20s were defined by the art deco style, a cosmopolitan look that brought wealth and grandeur to the average homeowner. It’s likely that the 21st century will have its own roaring ‘20s, which will again focus on luxurious design elements.

You likely don’t have the interior design budget to splurge on expensive and sophisticated pieces throughout your home, so it’s important to know where your money will pay off. Generally, you can get a lot of style bang for your buck in lighting; a crystal chandelier, for example, screams affluence, even if you got it secondhand. You can also increase the luxury of your rooms by investing in extravagant fabrics, like velvet, damask and satin or silk. If you can’t afford a piece of furniture upholstered in these fabrics, you can get throw blankets to act as luxurious décor.

Bright, Bold Colors

For years on end, we’ve been obsessed with the most neutral of neutrals: griege, white, charcoal, etc. Finally, as minimalism passes away, we are seeing colors flood back into our interiors, and for most, it is a welcome return. Before they get booked up, you should contact your local interior painters to get your rooms repainted in some of the following on-trend hues:

Dining room with green walls and crisp white linens - Interior Design Predictions: 2020 Edition

  •  Lilac. Pale purple of any variety seems to be the odds-on favorite of 2020’s color of the year.
  •  Orange apricot. Because coral was 2019’s Pantone color of the year, it’s likely that bright, warm colors in the orange family will remain trendy for the next few years.
  •  Terracotta. To go with the natural trend, earthy colors like reddish browns will be en-vogue.
  •  Green. It’s safe to say that any green will be on trend, from rich, bluish forest greens to warm, earthy army greens and even to pale mint or chartreuse.
  •  Black. After years of white everything, we’re seeing a return of dark and moody tones, including the darkest of all.

Additionally, paint probably won’t be reserved for only the walls. Experts predict that painted floors will come into fashion, giving you more space to be creative with color. You might even go especially bold and paint your baseboards and trim in something other than white — like black.

No one can predict the future — even political pundits are grasping at straws. Still, if you take calculated risks in interior style, you’re likely to see trends following you instead of the other way around.

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