Get Your Home Away from Home in Idyllic Portugal

Have you been considering a trip to Portugal? You’ll love being in this beautiful country located on the western coast of the peninsula of Iberia. Book a place to call your own in its idyllic climate, exceptional attractions, and coveted natural bounties. The holiday homes by Interhome will help you enjoy each day of your travel at the most affordable costs. Still wondering how? Read on to know more.

Make Your Holidays Better with Interhome UK

Portugal’s history can be learned and felt through its ancient architecture. After settling down in your holiday villa or apartment in Portugal, delve into the rich history of the region. It’ll take you back to the times when Portugal was an empire extending from Macau in China to Portugal. The architectural delights of the region pay rich testimony to those times through buildings drenched in opulence and elegance. Experience the imperial days of Portugal by walking through the lanes and by-lanes of the Old town of Porto and Lisbon. You’ll certainly enjoy taking pictures, talking to locals, and reminiscing about Portugal’s glorious past while sipping on your favorite brew.

The Algarve, located in southern Portugal, invites you to a series of beach towns extending from Faro to Lagos. Play a round of golf, hike along the coastlines of Algrave, relax on the islands of Madeira or the famous archipelago of Azores, there’s so much to do while you are in Portugal. Savanah Collins from says that besides having beautiful beaches and cities, Portugal has many delightful islands to visit as well. Renting vacation homes, way in advance, will ensure that you remain within your budget as you visit one place after another in the country.

Vacation Rental in Porto

Enjoying the world-famous port wine in Porto, while relaxing in a holiday home by Interhome, will make your vacation all the more memorable. Explore the hills that form an appropriate backdrop to the Douro River in these regions of northern Portugal. Revel in its charming pedestrian zones. You’ll also enjoy the ambiance at Ribeira that forever buzzes with live music, cafes, street vendors, and eateries. Ponte Dom Luis, the famous metal, double-deck bridge, is bound to become your favorite photo-shoot venue. Its arched look connects Vila Nova de Gaia to Porto; Nova de Gaia is unmissable for its numerous port wine cellars.

Vacationing in the Azores

The Archipelago of Azores welcomes you with nine volcanic islands that stretch out into the vast Atlantic Ocean. After traveling 1,500 km (930 miles) from Lisbon, you’d want to rest in a well-furnished apartment or holiday home rented out by Interhome in the Azores. Once you’ve settled down, delve into world-class whale watching or visit the many hot mineral springs in the region. You’ll never get tired of walking through the quaint seaside towns of Azores while discovering the fascinating identity of individual islands. Visit São Miguel, the largest island credited to the Azores, to understand why its nicknamed “The Green Island”. Pico serves to be another big draw as it is home to the highest mountain in Portugal.

Madeira – Interhome Holiday Homes

The “Floating Garden of the Atlantic” is best visited for its lush green landscapes, wines, and flower gardens. This fertile area is fronted by the Atlantic Ocean and has many must-see places on its cards. While you are in Madeira, take out enough time to enjoy what the Laurissilva Forest and the Orchid Garden have to offer. Funchal will take you by surprise with its endless list of historic churches, tourist resorts, fortresses, tree-lined Lido Promenade, spectacular ocean views, and numerous local eateries. Having a holiday house with a pool in Madeira will help you enjoy all this, and more, to the fullest.

Interhome Beach Holiday Rentals

The irresistible beaches of Portugal range from the vibrant, packed-with entertainment seaside resorts to those with quiet, natural beauty. Take your pick. For instance, while you’re in Albufeira, indulge in quiet beaches overlooked by the old Paderne castle and ancient city walls. Beach fun can be best rated as versatile and full of fun in this region.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Booking Home Rentals

Whether you are visiting Portugal in the height of its tourist season, or at any other time of the year, it will pay rich dividends to find yourself the best holiday properties wherever you go. Comfortable, secure, homely, and affordable, the rentals by Interhome will make you enjoy your next holiday in Portugal even more. Get in touch with Interhome to book the vacation home of your choice, right away!

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