Villa Vibes – Tips On Giving Your Home That Mediterranean Feel

There’s something very elegant about the Mediterranean lifestyle. Even if you haven’t visited Europe, you don’t have to go far to see the influence that the Med has had on modern decor styles. If you’re in love with that beautiful Mediterranean style, then the good news is that it could be yours with some simple […]

9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Better Sense Of Flow

9 Ideas To Give Your Home A Better Sense Of Flow

If there’s one thing every single home should have, whether an entire family live there or a young singleton, it’s a sense of flow. A sense of flow within the home gives a better feel of tranquility. It makes it easier to get from A-B, with as few knocks and scrapes as possible. It allows […]

The Person Who Invented Upcycling Was A DIY Genius

Upcycling is perhaps one of the greatest ever DIY inventions. Some genius somewhere realized one day that you could transform the look of your home by using old junk that nobody wanted, so long as you had the artistic ability to make it into something new. This sparked the so-called “upcycling” revolution, and practically everybody […]

Rendi – Still Time To Order for Christmas Review and Giveaway

If you haven’t heard of Rendi, you are in for a treat – AND – there is still time to order for Christmas! All about Rendi- Annie’s Story: Rendi’s roots run deep, and its heart beats with a long-held desire to CARE about people. Twenty years ago, Annie Danielson, Founder and President of Rendi, and […]

Think Oriental Trading for YOUR Holiday Table!

Remember how I told you that Oriental Trading isn’t just for kids craft kits? Well if my previous posts didn’t convince you…this has to. Think Oriental Trading for YOUR Holiday Table! Just take a look at my Christmas Eve “Come for Cookies and Cocoa” Table! My table features items from the Fair Isle Collection The […]