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Does Your Home Suit Your Personality

Do you walk through your front door at the end of each day and feel glad to be home- or does your place of residence just feel like somewhere to eat, shower and sleep? If it does, it’s time to make a change!

Home should be the most comfortable place in the world, somewhere you feel genuinely happy and relaxed. If yours doesn’t suit you, here’s what you need to do

Find the right property

First things first, you’ll need to find the right kind of property. Are you a bright and airy house with a beautiful backyard kind of person, or does a cozy apartment overlooking views of the city appeal more to you? Do you want something ultra modern, or gorgeously rustic? Of course, budget does come into play here and you do have to also think about what’s affordable. But if you’re prepared to move to a new area and are flexible with this, you might be able to secure the kind of property you want. For example, if you want a bigger home them move away from the city as properties become more affordable and you get more for your money. Sell your current place with a company like We Buy Houses and start looking out for something new. 

Think about the color scheme

Living room with Neutral Colors - Does Your Home Suit Your Personality

Your color palette will set the overall tone for your home, but it’s worth thinking carefully before you bust out the paintbrush and a rainbow of colored paint pots. Starting with a light, neutral base will give you a blank canvas that you can build upon, it will leave your home looking light, bright, airy and spacious. You can always bring in color and personality in other ways, without going crazy with colored walls. Have a think about your color palette and decide which hues you’ll want to use in each room so you can accessorize carefully. 

Add decorative touches

Coffee Table with Candles, Vase, #5 - Does Your Home Suit Your Personality

It’s worth having a theme for your home, this helps you to choose decorative items that all work well together. It could be anything from industrial modern or shabby chic- knowing ahead of time prevents you from purchasing individual items that don’t come together in a cohesive way. Choose art that you love to hang on the walls, plants that you find interesting to look at, display your favorite books on a shelf and add cushions, rugs and throws in your color preference. If you have a more quirky style, you could add things like an unusual coffee table or a feature light fitting to bring in personality- just don’t go overboard. If you keep other things fairly plain or neutral, you can draw the eye to the statement pieces without it looking over the top. The perfect way to keep it stylish while adding personality. 

Make it personal

Finally, make it personal by adding items that are all about you. Photos of friends and family, travel souvenirs and more will all make it feel like ‘your’ home along with the personal touches. Buy things like candles and air fresheners in your favorite scent so that you get that greeting of ‘home’ whenever you step through the front door. 


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