Make Gift Buying Less of a Headache

When a friend or relative has a birthday coming up, or when Christmas is just around the corner, do you find yourself looking forward to the gift buying process?

Some people really do enjoy gift buying, but for many others, it can be a real headache. Should you get them a book? Some kind of cologne? A new… sweater? And what size are they, anyway?

Whether you end up buying Cheap Little Cigars as a gift, or tickets to the theatre, hunting for — and buying — gifts doesn’t have to be such a headache. There are a few different things you can do in order to make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and lighthearted overall.

Here are just a few tips for making gift buying less of a headache.

Keep a note on your phone (or in an actual notebook) for recording gift ideas whenever they occur to you

One of the things that can make gift shopping a real pain is having to try to make quick decisions about just what someone would want — especially when you don’t have a lot of information or inspiration to work from.

While there’s a good chance you won’t be brimming with ideas a week before someone’s birthday, however, there’s a good chance that you could come across a bunch of good ideas more or less by accident, over the course of the year.

Keeping a note on your phone (or in an actual notebook if you’re the low-tech sort) specifically dedicated to recording gift ideas for different people when they occur to you, can save you a lot of frustration, and may even make you a better gift giver, too.

Maybe you see an advert for a certain product playing before the start of a YouTube video and think “oh, this would be perfect for…” only to then forget about it a day later.

Noting it down helps to keep those ideas from being lost.

Read gift review sites for inspiration

There are plenty of great websites and platforms out there dedicated to reviewing different products and to recommending gifts — and there are also plenty of great multi-purpose sites and blogs that have well-rounded review sections.

Instead of trying to come up with all of your gift ideas off the top of your head, looking at popular review sites can help to give you a burst of inspiration, while at the same time giving you a bit more information about the products themselves.

Keep your eyes open for ideas whenever you’re out and about

It’s generally possible to come across all sorts of potential sources of gift-giving inspiration when you’re out and about — particularly in large towns and cities.

Even if you’re just commuting to work, taking the time to stare in some shop windows as you go along can be very informative, and can draw your attention to certain things you might have otherwise missed.

Gift giving inspiration is often best found in your surroundings, and in the world at large.

Hope these ideas make gift buying less of a headache.



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