Vive Health Products for a SAFE New Year

Please note that we have received product from the Vive Health for review purposes only. I was not paid to endorse it.All the thoughts and words in this post are my own opinions.

Look to Vive Health for Safety Products for Your Home!


We all want our homes to be as safe as possible for our family and friends.  Safety become even more important the older we get.  Slips and falls in the bathroom can cause serious injury to senior citizens.  There are simple steps that we can take to make our homes – and bathrooms in particular – safer for all.

Vive Health offers numerous products to help lessen the risk of slips and falls.

About Vive Health

Our team has over 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing industry-leading durable medical equipment and health supplies. Unlike traditional online medical stores, we manufacture our own products. You can cut out the middle man and benefit from great pricing and uncompromising customer service. We offer industry leading product guarantees to provide you with peace of mind on every purchase.

I have benefited greatly from the new bath and shower mats, that I’ve received, along with the awesome bathtub step.  I’m short and I have a deep spa tub.  The step makes it so much easier from me to get in and out of the tub…and safer! I have chronic illnesses and soaking in the tub with the jets on full, helps to relieve a lot of the deep muscle pain that I have.  The step means that I can get in and out without help!

Vive HealthCustomers can find bath and shower mats, shower chairs and stools, bathtub steps and rails along with toilet safety rails and suction bars.  Although these types of items are associated with elderly needs, they can come in very handy for the temporary needs of those going through a serious illness or while recovering for accidents and/or surgery.

Vive Health

I’m looking into getting a suction bar and toilet rail for my 94 year old father, who I’m caring for at this time.  I want to be able to keep him in his own home for as long as possible!


Vive Health Bathroom Safety

Vive Health has  just launched their first product on  Click here to visit and type in the pulse_oximeter_1_largesearch bar “pulse oximeter”.

Vive Health can boast that the  majority of their business is from repeat customers.  This is because they truly want and work to make shopping with them as hassle-free as possible.

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8 thoughts on “Vive Health Products for a SAFE New Year

  • those look like some i could really benefit from

  • This is pretty interesting

  • There is a few I could really use here in my home. Thank you for the review!

  • I’ve never heard of this company before. But I have respect for companies that are in the health care business to help the ill, not just to make a profit!
    I am disabled and don’t want to leave my home – I am much happier & comfortable in it! So it is therapeutic if senior citizens can live safely in their homes! Unfortunately a lot of us cannot afford to upgrade their home! It is really a shame especially since they’ve worked their whole lives and have to fight for their Social Security and then are denied raises! I am sorry! I could go on. This is a soar spot for me!!

  • I’ve heard nothing but good things! Great products. I would love to try these out someday.

  • I really need to look at their site as my mom is having back surgery soon and I worry about her bathroom being difficult for her to manage.

  • Vive Health has just launched their first product on This should help spread the word on their products.


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