Make Your Home Sparkle in Time for That Dreaded Family Visit

If you’ve got family coming over to visit for Christmas, then it’s time to get your house organized. Make your home sparkle by cleaning   with these handy tips that will get you ready in time for the dreaded Christmas holidays.

 Make Your Home Sparkle in Time for That Dreaded Family Visit

Prepare a list

First, get a notepad and write down these items. You need to ensure that you have everything in order by making yourself a checklist of items. Tick each one off as you go along to ensure that you have everything ready for your big day.

Clean the interior

To start with, clean the interior of your home. Make sure you polish surfaces and declutter your home so your family has space to move around. The last thing you want is to display all of your junk, so pack it all away and keep unneeded items in your storage. Make sure your toilets are given a thorough clean as well so your relatives aren’t afraid of using them! Christmas decorations look a lot more festive in a clean house.

Clean the exterior

Next, clear up the exterior. Make sure your siding is clean, clear the driveway of snow and ensure that your windows are nice and clear. You may want to hire a service like Shine Window Cleaning to get your windows professionally cleaned. This is especially important if you don’t clear the outside windows very often. Be sure to clean up any fallen leaves as well that you neglected to sweep up during the autumn months.

Prepare a Christmas tree

Get yourself a large Christmas tree. Synthetic trees are sometimes preferred if you don’t have the money to spend on a real tree. They don’t make as much mess but they don’t appear as Christmasy as traditional trees. The larger your tree, the more presents you can fit under the tree and the more decorations you’ll need to buy.

Get your decorations ready

Speaking of decorations, make sure you’ve prepared plenty of Christmas goodies. Get your stockings and hang them along the walls, pin advent calendars and decorate your tree with plenty of ornaments. You might also want to prepare some decorations for the outside of your home such as lights. Don’t forget to add a touch of nature with plants, especially if you’ve been hard at work growing flowers in your garden.

Ensure the heating works

You don’t want your family to freeze to death, so make sure you’ve checked the heating and ensured that it’s working correctly. Keep your home nice and warm for the cold season by sealing up drafts and getting some extra blankets and throw pillows for when the family has gathered around in the living room.

Prepare your dining set

Make sure you have enough plates and cutlery for the family Christmas dinner. Make sure you have enough sets (including some spares!) so that everyone can sit and eat at the table. Get a nice festive tablecloth as well to set the mood and don’t forget to purchase some Christmas crackers for more festive celebrations. Give everything a nice polish before you set it out and you’ll be sure to impress your relatives.

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  • These are such great tips and reminders for myself. My Nana passed away last year so this year everything is on me! So helpful!


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