Essential Tips and Ideas for Busy Dog Owners

Busy dog owners often find it difficult to take adequate care of their dogs. It’s something that shouldn’t be ignored because the wellbeing of pets is of paramount importance. Being busy doesn’t mean you can justify neglecting your dog. However, if you are struggling to stay on top of everything your dog needs and requires, the tips and ideas we’re going to share below will help you out.

Each of the ideas we’re going to mention will allow you to look after your dog better while also maintaining your busy lifestyle and career. If you don’t have a dog yet but you’re thinking of getting one, choose one that is best suited to someone with a busy lifestyle. For those of you who already have a dog, read on now.

Prioritise the Dog’s Basic Needs

Your dog has some basic needs that you need to put before all else. Before you worry about the extra things and little added luxuries that your dog might like, you should nail down the basics. Every dog needs to have the right food, the right amount of exercise and proper grooming. Make sure that you take care of those basic needs, and if you can’t, you should be a dog owner. No matter how busy you are, you need to be able to take care of the basics.


Essential Tips and Ideas for Busy Dog Owners


Keep the Routine Regular and Consistent

Even if you don’t have masses of time to spend with your dog, you can still offer them the consistency of a routine. Dogs can become more stressed and unhappy when they don’t know what’s coming next. That’s why you should try to set their routine in stone and not change it around too much. It should have proper consistency that your dog knows it can rely on. It’s not a lot to ask, and it doesn’t take much effort, but it’s an important thing.

Share the Burden With Another Dog Owner

If you have a friend who also has a dog, you should take in turns with them to take both of your dogs. This is a good way of having some free time once a week or every couple of weeks. Of course, you will have to pull your weight and look after the dogs another time too. But it’s not just about freeing up time for you; it’s also about benefitting your dog in some. Allowing them that time to socialise with another dog is really important, and it could help to stimulate them and keep them happy.

Give Your Dog Extra Exercise With a Fetch Machine

Some people are too busy to provide multiple walks for their dog throughout the day. Of course, you should be taking your dog out for a walk at least a couple of times each day. But if you feel like your dog needs a little more exercise than that, you can make use of an indoor fetch machine. Fast Dogs reviewed the latest dog fetch machine, so have a read and see if this could offer the solution you’re searching for. It will keep your dog active and busy, and it’ll mean your obligations will be slightly reduced.

Take Your Dog to a Groomer Once a Week

If you’re in need of some time in which your dog is not by your side and demanding your attention, make use of a groomer. This helps to kill two birds with one stone. You will be able to get some free time while you do important things, whether it’s cleaning the house or getting work done. And at the same time, your dog will receive the grooming treatments it needs. Dogs should be properly groomed once a week, so this is ideal. Find a good groomer in your area, and then start using this tip right away,

Find the Right Day Care Service Provider

Day care can be a great way for you to make sure that your dog is properly looked after when you’re simply too busy with other things to step up to the task. However, there are many dog day care options out there, and they’re not all good enough for your dog. You should scout out the options and compare them all. When you’ve done your research and have found the very best, you can use those services while you focus on other things for the day. As long as it doesn’t become a constant thing, there is nothing wrong with using these services.

Make Quick Treats in No Time

Dogs deserve treats, and it’s a nice way of showing you care and rewarding your dog when they behave well. However, many people don’t want to spend a lot of money on dog treats. That’s understandable, but if you don’t fix this by making treats at home, you’re making a mistake. Don’t assume that it takes a long time to make your own treats at home because that’s simply not the case. It’s actually very easy. You can add some fruit slices to an ice cube tray and then fill it with chicken stock. Once you’ve frozen them, they make perfect treats for dogs. And they take a matter of minutes to make.


Essential Tips and Ideas for Busy Dog Owners
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Don’t Forget the Simple Yet Vital Task of Bonding

Not everything that your dog needs is hard to provide. One thing that is easy to get right is bonding. Bonding with your dog is absolutely essential. They’re social animals, and they need that one on one interaction time with their owners. If you want to be a truly responsible dog owner, you will make sure that you’re always willing to bond and spend time with your animal. Doing that will help you to stay close to your dog, and their mental wellbeing will be much stronger. So, don’t underestimate the importance of this.

These ideas and tips will help you keep your dog happy and contented, even while you’re busy living your life and doing work. There’s no excuse for neglecting your dog, so factor him or her in when you’re making plans going forward.

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  • Some great tips here. I’m currently working 10-hour shifts 4 days per week and I know it’s hard on my dog when I’m gone so long. You’ve reminded me that I haven’t been on my mommy A game lately!


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