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Simple. Elegant. Cute… these are just a few adjectives that come to mind when I look at these small yet inspirational bracelets, created by Megan Robbins (owner of Wishlets). Though, much like the women these charming little bracelets are meant to empower, there is more to it than meets the eye! What I love more than a nice piece of jewelry is a nice piece if jewelry with real meaning behind it and this product meets both of my criteria.

About Wishlets Bracelets

I’m proud to have created my wish bracelets that have helped thousands of women and girls work on achieving their goals.

Through my wish bracelets I help inspire others to go after their goals, reach a little higher, and promote friendship.”

Like a star that One could wish upon, a single silver star charm adorns each bracelet, adding to the ritual of making wishes. The idea behind these trinkets is that you make a wish before tying the bracelet to your wrist- now, the wish is encouraged to be a goal that helps you better yourself. An achievable wish to work toward. Then, much like the practice of tying a piece of string on One’s finger to remember something, you tie your Wishlet to your wrist and ideally wear it until it falls off.

A wish bracelet is usually tied in three knots. Each knot represents a wish. The bracelet must be left on until it falls off on its own.”


Wishlets Bracelets Are Motivational and Fun

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, falls off on its own?!” but no worries. This isn’t due to poor quality, the Wishlets are made with cotton strands and it is to be expected that eventually the material will give way, but it plays into such beautiful symbolism that it’s hard to be upset about. I also can’t get over the idea of my Wishlet technically becoming a falling star when this happens. This sets an organic timeline for your goals! 

Wishlets Bracelets Are Motivational and Fun


Aside from allowing you to set goals, Wishlets are also great bonding pieces, as their incredibly affordable price (just $3.99 each) makes it easy to purchase multiple bracelets that you and your team or friends can wear in solidarity. Wishlets also has a lighter, more whimsical side as well with products featuring kitschy cards with playful sarcasm and wit (see above). However, this one in particular did resonate well with me and I’ll leave it behind as a penny for your thoughts!

Wishlets Bracelets Are Motivational and Fun

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Wishlets Bracelets Are Motivational and Fun

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