Sneakz Organic – A Sneaky Way to Get in Those Veggies

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If you have trouble getting in your daily allotment of vegetables, or if you have trouble getting your children to eat their veggies, Sneakz Organic can help with:

For the kiddos there are the Kids Nutrition Shakes – In Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Sneakz Organic - A Sneaky Way to Get in Those Veggies
“USDA Organic milk complete with 1/2 serving of daily veggies starring five nutrient-rich vegetables. Sneakz milkshakes are shelf-stable, which means they do not have to be refrigerated, gluten free, soy free, nut free, and contain more fiber and less sugar than other chocolate milks.”

About Sneakz Organic

Sneakz Organic - A Sneaky Way to Get in Those Veggies

Organic Milkshakes with Yummy Veggie Nutrition.

At Sneakz, our goal is to deliver whole food nutrients in a way that is simple, nourishing and fun, to ultimately support the entire family in realizing a lifestyle that is healthier and happier. We do that by creating good-for-you products that are organic, non-GMO, and void of ingredients that you can’t pronounce or understand.

For tweens, teens, and adults Sneakz offers Smoothie Mix Vegan Protein Powder. And adults can enjoy Meal2Go. The Smoothie mix comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, while the Meal2Go comes in Roasted Coffee Blend, Cinnamon Chocolate Fusion, and Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl.

Sneakz Organic - A Sneaky Way to Get in Those Veggies
“With today’s active children and youth in mind,Sneakz Organic set out to create a product that provides a dairy-free alternative to Sneakz Milkshakes. Sneakz Smoothie Mix boasts 14 grams of plant-based protein, 1/2 serving of daily vegetables (beets, spinach, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and carrots), 10 essential amino acids, fiber, and 500 million CFUs of probiotics. Stir it, Blend it, Mix it, Shake it, or even Cook with it! “


Sneakz Organic - A Sneaky Way to Get in Those Veggies
“Enjoy Meal2Go plant-based protein powder meal replacement featuring 16 grams of pea, cranberry, and pumpkin protein, energy enhancing ancient grains, a full serving of daily vegetables, 17 vitamins and minerals, and 1 billion CFU of Ganedenbc30 probiotics.”

The fact that all the products are shelf stable is a huge plus.  Keep them in your purse, briefcase, or diaper bag.  Of course, the Kids Shakes can be refrigerated for quick serving. Sneakz Organic is great for work or play…perfect for your Summer Fun and Summer Travel nutrition needs.  What flavor would be your favorite!

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