Physical rehabilitation is something that many can benefit from to assist with their physical health condition or injury. From chronic conditions like arthritis to acute muscle or nerve pain, this method of treatment can provide a wide range of results for different people.

However, especially when pain, injury, or reduced mobility occur suddenly, as a result of an accident, quickly finding the right physical rehabilitation physician to help you isn’t all that easy. Quite frankly, you may not have the time to carefully scope all of your physician options before making a selection.

The following five criteria can help you swiftly choose a physical rehabilitation physician you know will be right for you physically and emotionally.

1. Patient

Especially when you’re in a lot of pain, it can be hard following the instructions of a physical rehabilitation physician or therapist. You may, however, simply fear following through with certain movements your doctor suggests. A physician will be patient, kind, and gentle with you during the moments you are harder to convince.

2. Knowledgeable with your specific injury

Even if you select the best physical therapist in your state, if they have little to no knowledge or experience with working with people who have had your specific injury or condition, they may not be able to provide the best experience for you. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to pick a physician who specializes with your type of injury.

Apart from your specific injury, it is also suggested to pick a physician based on the reason for your injury. For instance, you should be able to come across doctors specializing in the treatment from accident injuries. Likewise, you can find a physician that can aid with, say, joint pain or post-surgery recovery.

3. Communicative

Upon meeting a physician or reading reviews about them online, it’s important to look for someone who is great at communicating. They should be able to answer all of your questions in depth without leaving you confused. Additionally, your physician should be a great listener with regard to your questions, comments, and concerns.

4. Passionate

Passion goes a long way. With one brief conversation, you should be able to tell whether or not your physician is passionate about what they do. The more passionate they are about their work, the more competent, friendly, understanding, considerate, and tolerant the physician may be, which are all traits you’ll want in a doctor.

5. Credible

Your ideal physical rehab physician can have all of the latter characteristics. However, if they are not credible, it will be hard to put your full trust in them and their capabilities. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the physicians who had the least claims were the ones who had proper training and up-to-date certification.


For some people, choosing a physical rehabilitation physician is a vulnerable experience. Trusting someone to take good care of them, especially when they are significant pain, can be daunting.

When it comes to finding the right physical rehabilitation physician, choosing someone who is patient with you, knowledgeable with your type of condition or injury, communicative with you as well as a good listener, passionate with what they do, and generally credible, you can be more confident that you’ve found the right doctor for you.

5 Criteria Based on Which You Should Choose Your Physical Rehabilitation Physician

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