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Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page 2024

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Welcome Oh Beautiful Ones to our first Summer Fun Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page, for 2024!

Summer Fun

2024 has just flown by.  It seems like it was just a few weeks ago, when we were celebrating the New Year.  But it’s summer now.  Kids are getting out of school, it’s hotter than blue blazes here in the South, and it’s time to be thinking about summer fun.  No matter if you are planning an elaborate vacation, or a staycation is more your style.  Here are some great products that can make your summer more fun!

Good Directions Home

I love my backyard birds and the Classic Pewter Bird Bath Pedestal is a beautiful addition to my deck. I love that it can be used as a bird bath or a bird feeder!

Good Directions Home has so many great products to make your outdoor area more beautiful and functional.  Weathervanes, Cupolas, Birding, Rani Chains, Finials, Fire Pits and MORE!

Good Directions Collage
Rainy Day Umbrella Bird Feeder | Classic Pewter Bird Bath Pedestal | Pineapple Rain Chain | Montana 24″ Fire Pit with Grill Plate

As A Family-Owned Business…Good Directions understands the importance of home and what it means to those who dwell in it. Founder John Lodato—the son of an Italian-born American coal miner—had a vision. In 1982, with an eye for design and a love of outdoor living, he sought to create high-quality, handcrafted, artisan products. Working in collaboration with a small group of American artisans and craftsmen, he created hand-finished weathervanes and cupolas to add visual interest and distinction to homes of all types.

In 1997, John passed on the leadership of Good Directions to his son Michael, after 15 years of dedication to his craft. Michael has approached this role with similar zeal, keeping his father’s vision in mind throughout the company’s expansion and growth.”

Find Good Directions Home at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube


Summer Fun


VentaPak comes in 2 sizes – Standard and Small

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Summer Fun


Past Month’s  Boxes and June Box

“Our journey began in 2015 when we started sharing popular Japanese snacks across the world with our sister brand, TokyoTreat.

But because enjoying a cup of tea with traditional sweets has always been an important part of Ayumi’s life, she wanted to share more of the roots of Japanese snack and afternoon tea culture.

Since 2021, Sakuraco has become a thriving community of food lovers, makers, and artisans, dedicated to sharing the authentic taste of Japan with the rest of the world.

By bridging the gap between local makers and the rest of the world, we’re able to support small business and promote cultural exchange, while also giving you a unique and authentic taste of Japan.

We are passionate about bringing authentic Japanese sweets, local specialties and their history to the world.

Join the Sakuraco community today and discover the authentic taste of Japan for yourself.”

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Summer Fun


TokyoTreat Founder and Tokyo Treat Snack Box

“Tokyo native Ayumi loved sharing snacks with her friends overseas.

Then she had an idea – to share Japanese snacks and her culture with the world!

Starting on her living room floor in 2015, Ayumi hand-picked and packed Japanese candy and snack mystery boxes that she thought people would love – snacks with uniquely Japanese flavors and textures that represented Japan! But she realized she couldn’t do it alone.

She built up a small team of Japanese snack experts to achieve her vision.

Together, we’ve sent millions of boxes and shared Japanese snack culture to over 150 countries around the world! But beyond that, we’re so happy that our ever growing TokyoTreat fam decided to come along and explore all the wonderful snacks Japan has to offer with us.”

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Summer Fun

NatPat: Health and Wellness Patches

Outdoor protection is a must for little ones, especially in the summer months.  NatPat Patches to the rescue! From Mosquito Repellent Stickers, to UV-Detecting Stickers.  Itch Relief Patches, Allergy Relief Stickers, and MORE…for Kids and Adults.

Seasonal Sensitivity Stickers | Mosquito Patches For Adults | MagicPatch Itch Relief Patches |SunnyPatch UV-Detecting Sticker

“Hey there! At NATPAT, we’re all about unlocking the superhero potential in every kiddo. We totally get it, right? Kids have their ups and downs, from mood swings that could rival any soap opera to those nights when they just won’t hit the hay. And let’s be honest, us parents could use a little help steering the ship sometimes.

In this fast-paced world where popping a pill seems like the go-to, we thought, “Hey, why not take a step back and give Mother Nature a high five?” Sure, meds have their place (no shade there!), but why not start with something a bit more chill?

Enter our secret weapon: stickers! But not just any stickers. These little guys are like a comforting hug from your favorite essential oils. They’ve been around for ages and trust us, they’re not just old wives’ tales. Science gives them a big thumbs up too!

Next time you’re wandering down those drugstore aisles, remember our mantra: “Start with a sticker.” Our stickers are more than just a pretty face. They’re packed with nature’s goodness and are an absolute hit with the kids. It’s like sneaking veggies into their favorite meal – they’ll love them, and you’ll love knowing you’re choosing something gentle and effective.

At NATPAT, we’re doing more than just selling something cool. We’re all about bringing smiles, health, and a bit of nature’s magic into your family’s life. Here’s to making well-being fun, natural, and full of joy! 🌿✨🌟”

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Summer Fun

DIY Marky: Textile & School Markers

Save time this year, and use DIY Marky for making sure that all your children’s clothing and belonging are easily marked before they go off to summer camp, and then back to school!

Mine Stamps by DIY Marky
Stamps and Refills are available on their Website and Amazon

“Mine stamps, a company born in 2009 out of the needs of any family: to care for, educate, and protect their little ones. It also stems from the need to keep track of children’s belongings without losing anything along the way…

It all started with a specific product, very versatile, effective, and economical: the DIY textile marker or Alphabet stamp, a self-inking stamp with its own set of letters, nowadays accompanied by 8 cute drawings and tweezers to compose your child’s name, allowing you to change the letters or picto of your stamp. With this innovative concept, the brand became successful worldwide; today, the textile stamp is a staple among families as back-to-school season approaches.

Nowadays, Mine offers various types of stamps (including the little Marky) and labels, along with other marking products beyond the school world, such as temporary tattoos or our section of wooden stamps for events or special dates.

The success of Mine is not only due to the quality and pioneering experience but also to the fact that it is a small, family-owned company, a key point in understanding our audience.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

Summer Fun

Bellabu Bear

Bellabu Bear
Pajamas, blankets. Matching Family PJ’s! NEW 4th of July Pattern!


“We believe parents deserve high quality products that make their life easier $ babies deserve products that keep them safe & comfortable.  This is achieved by creating pajamas that are better for their skin, more comfortable for any activity, and easier for the parents to use. So we created the most comfortable and functional bamboo kids pajamas, they just happen to be better for the environment as well.”

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Summer Fun

Bamboozle Home

Compost Bins, Mixing Bowls, Elizabeth Karmel Prep’N Serve Tray Set

The Bamboozle Compost Bin

“A must have for any home chef passionate about reducing waste, that champions sustainability with every scrap. Crafted from bamboo fiber, you can rest assured that when it’s time to bid adieu to your compost bin, it gracefully returns to the soil without a trace. But that’s years from now, it’s durable enough to survive countless trips to your composter or community drop-offs.

Effortlessly toss vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and eggshells into your compost bin as you prep meals, knowing you’re nourishing the Earth. No need to worry about that blast of smell every time you open it. A vented and filtered lid, expertly designed to catch unpleasant odors while allowing airflow for optimal composting conditions. You’ll no longer need to take up freezer space or hide it under your counter between your weekly trips to the composter. Best of all when it’s empty, whether you use our liner or go Au natural, simply pop it in the dishwasher and let it take care of the dirty work.

We know you’ll want to leave this bin on your counter because it isn’t just about function; it’s a statement piece. Effortlessly fitting in to a sleek modern kitchen or a cozy country aesthetic. All in colors that can add some personal style to that beige rental or an accent your custom dream kitchen.

Dishwasher safe, do not microwave. 

Filter should be replaced every two months.

Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. Dishwasher safe.  

*The bamboo fiber used to make this product will biodegrade in a landfill in 22 years.*”

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Summer Fun

Persik: Pure-Sky Ultra Microfiber Cleaning

Summer equals sticky treats, the door opening and closing and opening, and closing.  Persik Pure-Sky can help keep your summer home clean!

Persik: Pure - Sky
Pure-Sky: Window Glass Cleaning Glove | Ultra Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaner Cloth | Microfiber Glove Dusting Mitt | Window Glass Cleaning Cloth



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Summer Fun



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