How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party: Grill Tips and Entertainment Ideas

Hosting a barbeque can be a blast. Delicious food, good friends and drinks in the sun are all the ingredients necessary to have a memorable outdoor party. As winter is banished by the summer sun, planning a barbeque doesn’t just seem like a good idea, it sounds like a great idea.

For the would-be barbeque host, what are some key pointers that can ensure that you have a barbeque to remember?

  1. Send Out Invitations

Kirsty from Gaden Living Company said “You can’t have the best barbeque of the year if no one knows it’s happening.” Give people plenty of notice and be clear about whether or not kids are allowed at your event. This will give parents time to plan for childcare if necessary.

  1. Decorate for a Backyard BBQ Party

Party décor can go a long way to helping your barbeque stand out from others this season. Some tasteful lamps or candles, string lights, sports-themed décor or simple things like a nice tablecloth can help when setting the scene and atmosphere for the party you are hosting.

  1. Plan Out Your Menu

What is the theme of your barbeque extravaganza? Plan what you are making and if you would like your guests to bring something with them, let them know with the invitation. If they are expected to bring a dish, assign side dishes so that there is no confusion or double items. A main dish with 3 sides of potato salad or corn on the cob is not nearly as exciting as a multitude of delicious items to complement your main meal.

  1. Prepare Your BBQ

Whether you are using a charcoal grill, smoker, or stainless-steel barbeque, make sure it is clean and prepared for the event, with plenty of fuel to make it through the cooking process. Ensure all the burners and parts are in order and have your utensils clean and at the ready.

  1. Plan Ahead with Food Prep

Prepping food ahead of time will allow you to more fully enjoy the experience by reducing the workload on you as the chef and host. Have veggies cut, condiments ready and accessories prepared so you can focus on socializing and making the best main dish possible.

  1. Drinks, Drinks and More Drinks

Soft drinks, cocktails, beer, ciders, wines and all other manner of drinks are typically enjoyed throughout a barbeque party. If guests are meant to bring their own, be sure to let them know and if you are supplying the beverages, make sure to plan for a few extra in case someone is extra thirsty!

  1. Have a Playlist (and Be Flexible)

Another important part of setting the scene for your barbeque is your choice of music. Ideally, you would have a playlist prepared for the event, letting you focus on other, more important tasks than picking new music every 5 minutes. Also, be flexible if guests have requests.

  1. Add Some Unique Flair

You can add some exciting flair to your barbeque in simple, creative ways to enhance the evening greatly. Having unique, summer desserts to end your meal or serving your dishes on elegant and tasteful trays and platters are easy hacks that can elevate your barbeque to “amazing” status.

  1. Consider Safety

Grilling outdoors is incredibly fun, but it can also be dangerous when not taken seriously. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire, know where the first aid kit is and be prepared in case of an emergency or incident.

Make the Most of the BBQ Season

* Kirsty from Garden Living Company “The beautiful weather is only here for a short time every year. Make the most of it and host the best BBQ party ever by following these tips. Happy grilling!”





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