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Moving into a new place can be exciting, but it can also be exhausting.  We are in the process of practically starting over again after needing to move from one state to another, and have unscrupulous movers. They left behind, lost, or damaged 50% or more of our belongings.  It’s been a tough time for us.  The companies below, have helped us to start the rebuilding process of Making A House A Home. Please check them out!

Airplantman – for those who don’t have a green thumb!

I kill plants.  I don’t mean to. I either over water, or under water Over fertilize, or under fertilize.  Too much light?  Tool little light?  Honestly I just have no clue.  Enter Airplantman. These are the most awesome plants ever, and they come in really cool presentations…and maybe I won’t kill mine since they have so little needs!

About Airplantman

Airplantman designs, installs and maintains gardens, indoor plant displays, outdoor plant displays. Our signature AirplantFrame vertical garden and tabletop AirplantVessel products are just the beginning, contact us today for custom pieces and design on your project today!


Use the code beautiful to get 15% off!

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Sleep better than a baby on PeachSkinSheets.

Whenever we move, the bedroom is the first room that I “put together” .  For me, its more the heart of the home, than the kitchen. When my bedroom is in order, the rest of the house follows through.  To have my bed set up with awesome sheets, pillows, duvet, and comforter gives me piece of mind and body. PeachSkinSheets are our favorite sheets to sleep on.  Soft, silky smooth. Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Easy care – machine wash and dry.  No ironing needed.

About PeachSkinSheets

The Original PeachSkinSheets® is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and features breathable, ultra-soft comfort bed sheets made from a high performance fabric with a PeachSkin finish. Great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties, they also are anti-pill and wrinkle free. We pride ourselves on being a quality company with a quality product, and going the extra mile for our customers. We know that you will LOVE sleeping on The Original PeachSkinSheets® Softness!

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One of the first things I like to do when settling into a new place, is to get art onto the walls.

It seems to be one of the things that makes a new home OUR HOME. Resident has sent me two kits, to create a couple of stunning pieces to place on the walls in our guest room.  I’m excited to get them so that I can have two new Residents!

Blue and White Cow and Orange and Purple Bull - Making a House a Home
Phoebe the Cow and Simon the Bull

About Resident

DIY Paper Animal Kits

Build an experience with their DIY Papercraft Kits – designed by Tristan Sopp.

There are so many fun Residents that you could build and welcome into your home too.

Kits from Resident - Making a House a Home

Yes, they take a few hours to assemble, with the time with be worth it.  And no worries, if you get stuck there are lots of videos to help you with your project!

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Let’s talk tushies.  We all have one, and sometimes it needs to be cleaned.  TUSHY takes butt cleaning seriously!Bidets and Products from Tushy - Making a House a Home

About Tushy

A modern bidet that clips onto your toilet and transforms your health & the planet. Stop wiping your butt. Start washing with Tushy.

It all started when founder and washlet revolutionary, Miki Agrawal experienced different caboose cleaning rituals – from the Indian lota to the tune whistling Japanese bidet. Inspired by the simple joys of this daily ritual (and shocked that American toilet habits haven’t changed since the 1800’s), she created Tushy.

They are a team of toilet crusaders, fighting for clean bums and reduced global wastefulness. We come to work every day, where talking “crap” actually counts, because we’re ultimately turning people into born-again bidet lovers.

Change your world in
10 minutes.

NO plumbing, NO electricity, NO hassle.

OK – so you can tell that not only do they provide products to keep tushies clean, but they do it with a LOT of laughs!

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Making a House a Home Gift Guide Page

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21 thoughts on “Making a House a Home Gift Guide Page

  1. Great ideas! I love the Resident paper art…that bull woulod make a perfect gift for my daughter’s first apartment…she’s a University of Texas grad…Go, Longhorns!

  2. A friend of mine just purchased his own condo and I’m hoping he’ll have a house warming party soon. I’d definitely gift him some air plants and of course grocery store gift cards as he loves to cook for himself.

  3. These are really cool items to make your home a home! I really like the idea of the air plants, super easy way to keep plants! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. great idea! Those airplants are very cool and look great. And I love Peachskin sheets, they are amazing!

  5. I love what you have here and I think the guest would really like those peachskin sheets , I know I do.

  6. Awe I loved the title. And I am always looking for ideas and suggestions to turn our house into a home! Thank you

  7. I love the Resident Paper, I have to have one of those. I have been wanting Peach Skin Sheets for a good while, I think I will give some to my husband for Christmas. So many great ideas for gifts. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I always say I do not have a green thumb but I do have a black thumb I seem to kill all my indoor plants. I would love to try the Airplantman indoor plants gardens

  9. Everything absolutely would help your space feel more homey. I use houseplants to warm up a space and do love air plants for areas where other plants would not survive.

  10. I love all the items shown here. I love all the different air plants and so does my daughter so we enjoy collecting them.

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