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Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 2022

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Dads…our heroes without capes. Let’s show dad how much we appreciate him and all he does for us!

Welcome Everyone to our Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide 

Father's Day

Groovy Guy Gifts

Your one stop shop for all things MAN.  So many personalized items that will make dad feel special now, and everyday. Bags, wallets, knives, drinkware, journals, coasters, and soooooo much more!

Groovy Guy Gifts

About Groovy Guy Gifts:

“Unique personalized gifts that your man will treasure forever.

After working in the wedding industry for many years we realized there simply weren’t enough readily available good gift ideas out there for guys.  So we decided to create a site offering several unique personalized gifts for men.  A site that is different from the others and offered a wide variety of guy gifts.  Personalization is also our specialty, as we truly believe by engraving a name on the gift, it becomes more meaningful.”    

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Father's Day

Groove Life

I’m crazy for their stacking rings…my husband loves their belts.  Head on over and check out these along with watch bands, and Airpod Cases (heads up…they have wallets coming soon)!

Groove Life

About Groove Life:


We serve people through our gear and inspire action through our adventures. We attempt to reflect God by being excellent at both.

Groove Life was born in the Alaskan wilderness. Husband, father, and Adventure Guide Peter Goodwin realized his lifestyle demanded gear that could keep up. After selling The General Lodge, a wilderness retreat that he had built with his own hands, and fueled by the desire to design premium, innovative products that were backed by unbelievable customer service, Groove Life was born.

Working in a freezing garage in Port Alsworth, AK, Peter worked relentlessly for six months trying to perfect the original Groove Ring. Having no idea what success this would eventually bring, his only focus was to somehow provide for his growing family.

A move to Tennessee and a few years later, Groove Life now employs over 170 people and produces adventure-inspired outdoor lifestyle product lines.”

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Father's Day


Give dad some relief this year with the iLive Portable Cordless Massage Gun. It will help sooth sore and aching muscles.


About iLive:

“With close to 50 years of experience, we are driven to bring you the latest in technology at affordable prices. Packaged in world-class designs, our products offer exciting, innovative features with a quality and affordability that you can depend on.

We work to provide these qualities throughout each of our brands, supplying Americans with millions of consumer electronic products every year.

Founded in 1971, Digital Products International, Inc.’s headquarters and distribution center is located at a state-of-the-art, 330,000 square foot facility in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri.

Take a break, relieve some stress and enjoy a relaxing massage. This hand-held massager’s ergonomic design allows for use wherever the tension is localized. The four intensity levels and interchangeable massage heads help you customize your massage for an improved workout, quicker recovery and to work out those kinks for optimal relaxation.”


Father's Day

Another favorite brand in our household.  So many adorable (and comfortable) slippers for all ages.  Check them out!!!!!


“Treat your feet 24-7-365 at, the web’s premiere destination for animal, bunny, character, and novelty footwear!

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We only offer the highest quality products available. Any defective or otherwise unsatisfactory merchandise can be returned for a full refund or replacement (excluding shipping costs). We love wearing our slippers and you should too. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and let us know what we can do to make your shopping experience great.”

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Father's Day


Yeah – more goodness from the most fun place to shop! Treat dad to something for his office, or to add to his favorite collectible collection.


About Toynk:

“Toynk has the latest pop culture collectible toys, figures, replicas/props, statues/busts, Halloween and Christmas costumes.

Our Company

Our Story
Back in 2001, tired of the boring corporate grind, three friends: Steve, Ron & Mike hatch a brilliant plan to develop a company centered on fun products. What couldn’t be more enjoyable than a business selling costumes, toys and collectibles? The Toynk Toys team has since grown and varies from 40 to 200+ diverse, fun-lo
We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
Toynk Toys has come a long way since its humble inception, operating from a small apartment in Chicago. Today, our Gilberts, Illinois location boasts a 285,000 square foot facility, which is home to our offices and warehouse. Visit us at one of the 200 toy shows/Comic-Cons we attend worldwide yearly or, if you’re ever Down Under, shop our sister company in Australia, mate.
Our Peeps, Our Philosophy
Toynk Toys aims to deliver an ever expanding array of cool costumes, trendy toys and hot collectibles to you, our valued customers. Our team comes together each day, working hard to improve our customers’ experience. It’s not really considered work, when we know that our products bring adventure, joy and happiness to life. It’s no wonder that we love what we do and we love doing it for you. Thank you for shopping with us!”

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Father's Day



About Backlounge:



Backlounge was founded with one mission – to help you say goodbye to back pain, so that you can live the life you deserve. The vision of CEO, Joe Urbay, Backlounge goes beyond conventional tables, delivering inversion therapy without the worry of being fully inverted, or the pain of the ankle straps and locks other tables require.

Combining heavy duty materials in an intelligent, ultra-light design, Backlounge is a recognized leader in spinal therapy, letting you leverage three individual solutions to find relief from your back pain, including decompression, core strengthening and myofascial release.


Originally only available to European customers, Backlounge quickly took its place as the best-selling inversion table in Germany thanks to the clear results it delivers. Yet, for Joe, a proud New Yorker, being able to be part of helping people right here in the U.S. was a must.

Every day, he was surrounded by friends and family who suffered from back problems – some so bad that they could barely move. Yet, he knew that Backlounge could help and he wouldn’t rest until he could make it available not just to the people he knew and loved, but everyone across the county who lives with back problems.


This dedication to helping as many people as possible enjoy life without back pain is also why at Backlounge, we are also dedicated to making sure you’re completely happy with your purchase. We want you to feel better and experience the relief Backlounge brings. If you don’t, simply let us know. We offer a 60-day No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee (less S+H).

The only thing you have to lose is the pain.

So don’t wait.

Start your journey to back pain relief today.”

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Father's Day

Mad Ritual

I’m a firm believer in CBD products.  Mad Ritual has become a RITUAL in our house.  The Relief Rub is fantastic.

Mad Ritual

About Mad Ritual:

“Skip the ibuprofen and feel better naturally. From pesky skin things to deep tissue massage, headaches to sore muscles, Mad Ritual CBD Topicals soothe irritated skin, relieve soreness, cramps, discomforts and more! Award-winning, USDA Organic and Vegan.

 SORE FROM LIFE™? So are we!

We founded MAD RITUAL™ because we were tired of the outdated, ineffective recovery products.  Feeling better shouldn’t have to come with a plethora of potential negative side effects.

With this in mind, we began our mission to feel better by seeking out nature’s most powerful healing ingredients. We knew we wanted to work with CBD and we knew we wanted a kick-ass topical, so started playing in our kitchen until we got our formula juuuust right.

Using a suite of hydrating butters and oils, we finally created our dream product- effective in relieving multiple symptoms for everyday discomforts, fun to put on and smells AMAZING.

We put it to the test against aching feet and low back pain after long hours of bartending and more sudden and intense symptoms that come from ailments like migraine headaches and to our amazement…

IT WORKED. It friggin’ worked! On all the things!

I know what you’re thinking- THEY’RE SCIENTISTS. The answer is no, we are not scientists, we are regular people who are sore from life, just like you. Slowly but surely we’ve turned our friends, co-workers, work out buddies and even our most skeptical family members into MAD RITUAL™ believers and guess what- you’re next!

We can’t wait for you to start your MAD RITUAL™. ”

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Father's Day

Well Told Design

Gifts from Well Told Designs, will be cherished for year to come.  The personalization of place (and in some cases, time), makes for a unique and meaningful present.

Well Told Design

About Well Told Design:

Life-inspired products for inspired living. Uniquely personalized design on functional, everyday goods and gifts.

Our Brand, Your Story.

We enable people to express the stories that define their uniques life experiences. – From small moments to big ones, and everything in between – on the canvas of their everyday products.

Inspired By You. Designed For Life.

Our mission is to meaningfully enhance the value of the products your use, not only through their style and functionality, but in their ability to turn an everyday moment into an inspired one by conveying a story of personals significance.

Our Declaration of Inspiration.

We believe products imprinted with a personal story enhance the moment of use by reminding people of what inspires them and making that moment an inspired one, in itself.

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Father's Day

Casa M Spice Company

My husband loves a good plate of food, but it’s one of our son’s who is the BBQ master.  He will give Casa M Spice Company his seal of approval. Seasonings for beef, pork, chicken and more. Find a gift box that best fits the interests of the man in your life.

Casa M Spice Company C

About Casa M Spice Company:

“Spice Confidently!® Casa M Spice Co® is The Essence of Flavor!® Home to the world’s best seasonings and rubs.

Casa M, the house of Manny and Mike, had long since become synonymous with incredible hospitality and gourmet foods that always had a signature flavor and background heat. Throughout the years it became customary, as folks were leaving after a meal, that we were asked “what did you use on this?” or “what was that flavor?” Almost inevitably that turned into “will you share the recipe?” or “can I buy some somewhere?” and it got to the point where Manny jokingly said “we should think about going legit instead of selling dime bags of Chain Reaction® from the house!” The next thing we knew, Casa M Spice Co® was born.

Dr. Mike has a PhD in chemical physics and has always thought of cooking as Chemistry in the Kitchen®. Our signature blend, Chain Reaction® gets its name from his physics background and it is quite literally good on everything (including many things you would never imagine like cheeses and fruits.) Adding a sprinkle of Chain Reaction® to a burger or steak enhances the taste without overpowering and lends a signature flavor that is hard to replicate yet very recognizable.

It was very important to both of us that the brand represent the hospitality of being at Casa M as well as delivering on the signature flavors that everyone already knew and loved. In order to codify what the brand represents and the hospitality we embrace we developed a Brand Manifesto that the whole Casa M Spice team stands fully behind. Our commitment is to deliver 100% satisfaction in every interaction with us at every step in the process.”

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Father's Day

Grassroots Harvest

CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles and more.  Just what dad (and I) need in these hectic times.  I’m a CBD fan through and through.  I love that Grassroots Harvest offers safe and effective alternatives for dealing with pain, stress, sleep, chronic issues, etc. Made in the USA!

Grassroots Harvest

About Grassroots Harvest:


At Grassroots Harvest, we trust in Mother Nature. That’s why we make our CBD oil just the way we think she’d want it-Pure & Simple.

Our priority is bringing you the best of Nature’s Bounty, harvested sustainably and crafted in small batches in Austin, TX. That way, we can ensure the highest quality from start to finish. We start with 100% organic hemp and add as few ingredients as possible to our products, in order to bring you CBD the way Nature intended-She knows what She’s doing, after all.”

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Walton Wood Farm

So much goodness to be found in just one place.  You’re sure to find a gift set that is just right for your dad.  Grooming, body care, fragrance, and pantry.  What’s not to love!

Walton Wood Farm


About Walton Wood Farm:

Harvest happy. Real working farm makes the perfect gifts for men and women.


A love story, an adventure, and a scrappy start-up tale. Leslie needed to be dropped off in the Canadian wilderness. Peter had a floatplane. The pair fell in love, bought a farm, and began making bath salts in their country kitchen. Today they offer over 80 unique, consciously crafted & thoughtfully packaged personal care products. Many of them named for their own life experiences. A story lives at the heart of every single Walton Wood Farm product.


Leslie and Peter had three goals when starting Walton Wood Farm. Create a non-farming income to sustain themselves, create rural jobs, and to save their historic 1850s barns for future generations and to preserve our county’s agricultural history. These glorious icons are part of the fabric of the community and can be seen from miles around.

In the summer of 2019, the original hand-crafted barns built-in 1852 by James Dawson were restored. Barns are disappearing from the landscape at a rapid pace and sadly, farmers can’t afford to save them. We hope the success of Walton Wood Farm will inspire other farms to create diverse businesses and save these beautiful buildings.


We are committed to making high-quality products made with sustainable ingredients, helping to protect both our history and environment for future generations. We craft all of our product based on providing you with the benefits of essential oils, butters, and oils.

Our products are free from harsh ingredients such as SLS, Paraben, and Phthalate, are Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly, and Gluten-Free.


WaltonOur entire team from bookkeeping to customer service participates in product development around our kitchen table. In fact, when you call Walton Wood Farm, you’re getting a Customer Happiness Agent who works right from our historic agricultural property. We are on a mission to help grow communities by bringing back jobs to our country, preserving history and breathing new life into rural communities. There is a rural Renaissance going on, and we are proud to say we’re part of it.


You may have seen Walton on our adventures in social media, he is our mascot and his mission is to “Harvest Happy”. He also represents our Cruelty-Free stance in making sure no animals were harmed in the making of our products.

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Father's Day

Manta Sleep

Any company that declares a pro-nap movement is aces in my books! Give dad some much needed restful sleep!

Manta Sleep

About Manta Sleep:

“At Manta, we believe that great sleep and daily naps form the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life. Everything we do is fueled by our drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps. 

we think most sleep companies focus on the wrong things.

To us, sleep itself isn’t that important — it’s what you do with the energy great sleep gives you.

On the surface, we make the world’s best sleep masks and functional sleep accessories. But there’s more to Manta than that.

Our focus is giving you the energy to create your best life. Sleep is just our strategy.

we believe…

Great sleep is the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life.

It’s impossible to unlock your full potential if you’re not getting an afternoon nap every day.

Everything we do is fueled by our drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps.

napping at work should be celebrated — not condemned.

We think waking up at 5 AM and pulling 18-hour days is ridiculous and counterproductive. (We’re looking at you, “hustle culture.”)

And we believe naps beat coffee hands down.

Because the truth is, your body is wired to nap. And for good reason. Naps give you energy, focus, strength and clarity that you don’t get when you grind through the afternoon.

That’s why a huge part of our mission is our Pro-Nap Movement.

the pro-nap movement is about rejecting counterproductive, nap-shaming corporate BS.

The founders of Manta Sleep spent years in the corporate world being denied proper rest.

Every afternoon, in their post-lunch haze, their eyes glazed over as they dragged their cursors aimlessly across their Excel sheets.

Instead of taking a quick nap to refresh, they were forced to push through the afternoon and funnel all of their creative energy into the simple act of staying awake. Ridiculous.

The Pro-Nap Movement is about creating a community that incites empowerment and change in our corporations and communities.

And reclaiming what should have always been yours in the first place: your vitality.


take a nap. own it. apologize to no one.

Daily naps have been baked into our culture since day one.

Every afternoon, it’s nap time: lights off and Manta Masks on.

With everything we create, we aim to give every sleeper full permission to nap — and the products they need to do it.

Sleep is personal. That’s why we make different masks for different sleep types & challenges.”

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Father's Day

RED Delight


Yum – every selection I’ve tried has been wonderful.  My favorite is the Hazelnut and Macadamia Milk Chocolate.  My husband LOVES the Dark Chocolate.  I’m looking forward to trying the Dark Chocolate Orange and Almond!

RED Delight

About RED Delight:

“RED Chocolette is truly a one of a kind indulgent chocolate without the guilt of calories. 1/3 of our dark chocolate bar has the same amount of calories as an apple slice. Try us. Love us.


The best darn chocolate on the planet


RED Chocolate was born from passion. We know a lot of candies claim that, but we really mean it.

We got our start in the early 2000s. Swiss-owned Chocolette Confectionary had a dream to revolutionize the chocolate industry by mastering a recipe that delivered the sweetness that chocolate-lovers crave without adding refined sugars. It’s a dream that sounds so simple, but in fact, this dream took many years, and many batches, to bring to life.

We spent years experimenting with different recipes and techniques to create the RED flavors people are falling in love with today. It was during these trials that we discovered it couldn’t be done without custom equipment which allows us to cook RED at a reduced temperature than other chocolates to release only the most elegant taste and aroma notes, whilst ensuring the final taste is delicately decadent.

Our Chocolatiers will tell you, “great chocolate can only be made in the best of facilities.” Which is exactly what was built for them. RED is crafted in a technologically-innovative, green-certified factory, holding ten global patents. And, our custom-made equipment was designed by leading German and Swiss manufacturers to ensure Earth-happy processes in water and air purification, water recycling, free cooling, and recuperation technologies. From this new kitchen designed to bring the RED recipe to its promised peek of indulgence, RED was introduced to the European market in 2006.

Without surprise, RED gained popularity quickly throughout western Europe.

Chocolette Confectionary then had a dream to bring its beloved chocolate to the States. In 2019, RED was introduced to the U.S.—and, we’re excited that here too, we’ve been winning the hearts of chocolate-lovers.

Visit our blog, where you can find recipes, health and nutrition content, and more.

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Father's Day

The Miracle Store

What a great place to shop for dad. Not only will you find inspirational mugs, hoodies, and sweatshirts, but you will be contributing to help women and children who have been the targets of domestic abuse.

The Miracle Store

About The Miracle Store

“Our mission is to help people remember that miracles ARE everywhere. They are happening all the time. And they can happen to each and every one of us.

We easily get lost in the chaos of news, grocery lists, and bosses who seem to actually expect miracles on demand. It’s easy to forget that hope is alive and well in our world. It’s up to US to keep that positive energy flowing.

When you drink from one of our mugs, your mind remembers that planet Earth overflows with wonder. Your heart feels that life is a precious gift. And you reinforce that every moment offers an opportunity to create the kind of life you want to live.

By wearing our t-shirts, you help share the message that miracles do exist and happen every single day.

Maybe somebody is having a rough day, and they see your shirt and pause… take a deep breath, and maybe even smile. Making a positive difference in other peoples’ lives can be as simple as wearing a shirt with an inspiring message.

That’s just the beginning.

As Gandhi said, “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.”

We are a catalyst for that change.

A portion of all proceeds goes to the newly forming Miracles Now Foundation (soon to file for 501c3 status).

We invite you to join us. Together, we make our world a better place.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube



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