I had so many things that I had planned to do this Christmas.  Very very few came to fruition.

I have not felt well.  I encountered problems with my vision.

Limited decorations were put up.

I had to leave my dogs at home, and I really miss them.

I have not received payment for a number of projects that were completed and turned in on time.

Then – my debit card was hacked, and my bank account cleaned out.  Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas ya filthy animals, thanks to you my grand kids will not be getting their Christmas presents from us this year!

I’m not getting the White Christmas than I longed for – who knew that Upstate NY would have a heat wave ?

I’ve been sinking into a deep depression and making my family miserable with my antisocial behavior.

I have so needed to find the Christmas Spirit.  I didn’t think it was going to happen, and then I found this on my FB wall, from my dear sweet daughter and her husband.

I think that just maybe…the coldness in my heart is beginning to melt.
May you all be blessed this Christmas.   May you be surround be those you love.  May you find joy and contentment in the little things. May you strive to do more than what is expected.  May your reap from the seeds that you have planted.  May you be a ripple of kindness that grows and spreads,  and May you be filled with the wonder of the season.
God Be With You.
Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas

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27 thoughts on “Merry Merry Christmas

  1. Wow, I’m sorry you’ve had so many obstacles this holiday, that is just awful about the cars and accounts! Here’s hoping the new year brings you many more surprises beyond the setbacks of this one, God Bless!

  2. It was challenging for me to get into the holiday spirit since my kids have been sick. Now that I’ve had some time to decompress and prepare, it’s starting to feel magical again. Hope the holidays are full of joy for you and your family.

  3. I’m sorry that things have been so tough for you. Glad your daughter knew how to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas–love for your family. Be blessed and know that tomorrow will be better.

  4. Obstacles in life bring ups and downs, and from there come experience, I don’t wish for an easy life, I wish for strength to endure a hard one. I wish you strength, too.

  5. Dear Libby, I am so sorry for all you hardship you have been through this year, I can relate as I got the news that I am dying at age 51 so I wont get to see all my grandchildren born or raised, At times it can crush me, but most of the time I try very hard to trust in the Lord, he is what Christmas is about, and he can change any bad to good. I have a great prayer team that pray for me all the time and at times I swear I can feel the prayers when they are being said. You are very blessed, with a beautiful family with a very beautiful gift from God, they both have such good voices that it makes you stop in your tracks. I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and to thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift. GOD bless you and your family.

  6. Amazing video. I believe some things are a test or something we go through to become stronger or find a different way.

  7. That is so rough to have to deal with at the holidays. The holidays can be awful when you are struggling with money issues. I am so sorry this all happened at the holidays.

  8. I hope your feeling better now. I know just what your going through as I have been sick all year and this was the first year in 10 that I didn’t host Thanksgiving and Christmas I barely got a tree up or gifts bought. What a nice surprise your daughter gave you with the Christmas video, so lovely.

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