Moving to Boise? Here’s How to Set Up Your New Home

Boise is one of the most spectacular communities in Idaho, attracting settlers with its family-friendly environment, low crime rates, and enthralling scenic beauty. Young adults, families, and retirees flock to Boise to elevate their life quality with first-rate education and healthcare facilities. The local community is close-knit and vibrant, and the landscape offers abundant outdoor activities.

Setting up a new home is always chaotic, no matter one’s excitement for settling into a beautiful new place. The packing, moving, and unpacking process is draining, involving physical labor and mental fatigue. You’re bound to face innumerable challenges if you don’t have an efficient system and a detailed checklist.

Shifting your mindset can work wonders at transforming a chaotic home setting process into a fun-filled adventure. So instead of dreading the unpacking and decorating chores, channel your sunniest disposition and dive right in. We advise setting priorities, starting from the essentials and working your way to the frills and trims to avoid fatigue.

Read on to explore some practical tips to help set up your new home.

  1. Discard Items that don’t Spark Joy

Homeowners waste precious, sought-after residential square footage by turning their living spaces into storage dumps. The attic, basement, garage, and outdoor sheds are spaces that can add value to your property and life quality. So why turn them into storage spaces for unwanted appliances, discarded furniture, and broken fixtures?

A better way to go about it would be to rent up storage space in your new city and store all the items that are just taking up space. If you’re looking for a storage unit, wise space storage Boise is the best option in the city. It offers units in various sizes with perimeter fencing, bright lights, an on-site manager, individual unit alarms, and 24-hour surveillance. Renting a storage space is the best way to declutter your home and discard items that don’t add value to your life.

Cluttering comes naturally to humans, for we hoard items that seem useful but don’t serve a purpose. However, when it comes to decluttering, do as the wise Mary Kondo says, “discard everything that doesn’t spark joy.” Removing unwanted items will make your new home a well-organized and peaceful abode.

Instead of turning your new attic or garage into a dust-ridden storage space, you can make a home office or a Zen room.

  1. Delegate Efficiently

Sharing responsibility and chores is the most efficient strategy to streamline and speed up the settling-in process. You cannot tackle all the tasks and errands yourself, so enlist the support of every family member.

The idea is to delegate chores to everyone, from adults to children, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process. Of course, it always helps when family members are responsible for setting up their rooms and joining hands for shared living spaces. You can create a detailed checklist of all the chores, with specific duties for every family member.

Make several printouts of the checklist and distribute them among everyone to maintain accountability and efficiency. Parents worried about burdening or overwhelming their kids with chores can rest assured this activity will prove undeniably productive. It will instill discipline and a sense of responsibility in your children, teaching them essential life skills and productivity.

Besides, the unpacking and settling-in process will speed up considerably when the whole family is working together.

  1. Start with the Essentials

It is natural to want to decorate your new home as quickly as possible, turning it into your happy place filled with beauty. But too much work can set the stage for mental exhaustion, stress, tripping hazards, and injuries. So instead of marinating in anxiety and fretting over the interior décor, keep it simple and start with the essentials.

Make a list of priorities detailing all the essentials you need to maintain comfort, convenience, and safety. Typically, these essentials include a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms, wardrobes, appliances, and utilities. Once you’ve covered the bare necessities, you can proceed toward decorating the new home.

A functional kitchen is a vital necessity for families with children, so make it your utmost priority from day one. You can unpack the stainless steel appliances, cookware, and kitchenware and set up an area for dining. The bedrooms also need your immediate attention, so everyone can access their clothes and sleep soundly on comfortable bedding.

Setting up the essential spaces first will give you the peace of mind to lovingly curate and decorate your home. You don’t have to rush through the process. Instead, explore Boise’s vibrant markets for home décor pieces, antiques, and fine fabrics.

  1. Hire Help When Needed

Millions of homeowners and families across the United States swear by the do-it-yourself principle to save money. DIY works wonders when you’re not physically exhausted, mentally fatigued, or an expert at the job.

If you plan to take the DIY route with a plumbing issue involving the kitchen sink and pipes, a lack of specialized skills can set the stage for catastrophic water damage and fire hazards. Tackling sensitive and sophisticated chores involving complex electric and plumbing systems is a recipe for disaster.

If you lack specialized skills and know-how, you can create unusual complications by taking the DIY route. Instead, engage skilled professionals to inspect the property and address electric and plumbing repairs. Hiring professionals to carry heavy furniture, appliances, and equipment is also vital to avoid costly damage.

Burdening and exhausting yourself will leave you feeling overly tired and unsettled in your new home. Why not hire professionals to minimize your burdens and chores while you relax and enjoy your new community? Hiring local handypersons, helpers, and professional movers is a fabulous idea to reduce your work and take time to settle in.

Final Thoughts

Moving and settling into a new home is only challenging when you make it difficult. Your strategy toward the process will determine the outcomes. Instead of rushing through the entire process, take your time and don’t burden yourself.

Set up your essential living spaces and throw a delightful home-warming soiree for your neighbors and community members. Adopt a step-by-step approach to multiple chores without exhausting your mind and body.

Most importantly, don’t take responsibility for everyone’s rooms and unpacking duties. Instead, allow your family members to share the chores and do their part in setting up the new home.


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