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Yesterday, Bloggers were doing a little something different.
They were posting sides of themselves,
that they don’t always share…

So, no reviews or giveaways today…just me,
sharing about myself.

~ I’ve been married for almost 38 years, to a wonderful
man, who I love more – each and every day. We have
10 grown children, and 17 grandchildren. Our family
is spread across the country, and we visit as often as we can, 
but it never seems often.  My children are also my friends,
and I enjoy their company, immensely, and love them all.
more than is humanly possible.

~ I have a number of medical problems.
Some are genetic, and some stem from a
near death medical trauma from 21 years ago.
I’m short, fat, sleep deprived, agoraphobic,
absent minded (brain damage will do that to you),
and often zoned out into another world…Libby Land.
Sometimes it’s a nice place to be, but it isn’t always
a perfect planet.

~ My father is married to my husbands mother. 
Chew on that one for a while:-)

~ I think that I’m a pretty good wife, mother, 
mother-in-law, and grand mother. I try to mind
my own business, and not offer advise, unless asked.
(My family might think differently, and they are
welcome to leave a comment stating so.)

~ I’m an animal lover.  Dogs ten to be my favorite
pets… but throughout my life, I’ve had birds, mice, turtles, 
fish, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, a prairie dog,
and a pot bellied pig. We always had cows in our
pasture, and I spent years of my childhood
on the back of a Shetland pony.
(Oh that poor baby…the things that we did to him!)

~ I was in the top 10% of my graduating class,
went to beauty school for a while, but quit, 
because it seems that I was allergic to all the chemicals. 
I worked at a power plant, and at a Pizza Hut.
 I was a stay at home mom, until all my children were in school. 
was a certified Outreach Pregnancy,
Childbirth and Infant Care Instructor, and taught
classes in county hospitals/clinics, churches,
and a childbirth center. I’ve spent more hours
volunteering, than I’ve ever spent at a paying j
I loved working at a pre-school.
I helped to open and run a Public Charter School, 
for children with chronic illnesses. We had children
with Aspergers Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Juvenile
Diabetes, Turretes Syndrome, and other more rare
conditions…along with severe obnoxious personality disorders! 
My position included being the  assistant to the director, receptionist, health contact, federal lunch program coordinator, substitute teacher, ESE bus attendant (spending over 2 hours each morning,  and  2 – 3 hours each after-noon, in an unairconditioned bus, with children from the ages of 
3 to 15 who had – and caused – enough problems to send even the most even keeled person,  into a state of insanity), 
massage therapy assistant, and janitor.

~ I’m a good cook, a decent housekeeper, loyal friend, and I’m fairly funny.  I love to take photos, scrapbook, read, enter 
contests, and do craft projects.  At the moment, I’m into
making tutus and Scrabble Tile/glass tile jewelry.

~  I’m a very conservative republican, I’m deeply religious, 
and quite opinionated, BUT, I try not to be a 
shove my beliefs in your facekind of person.  
I would love to write a book one day, 
I’m boycotting Subway and would be so grateful,
if you all would join me!
I’m not a vegetarian, but I won’t eat veal, and would
prefer to only consume eggs from free range chickens…
and I would bet that you haven’t paid much attention
to anything that I’ve written, since you read that my dad is
married to my husbands mom – right?

 ~ I’ve been through enough physical and emotional pain, 
in the last 56 years, to last a dozen lifetimes.  
I’m ready for better things to come,
but don’t regret the things that have happened
to me, as they have made me who I am.

~ If I could have only one magical power, I would choose, to be  able to instill true empathy, into every person who has 
been or ever will be born.

~ I dream of being thin and gorgeous, 
but don’t have the will power to get myself there.
My personal philosophy is:
“Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I
lay down until it goes away & that life is short
so  that dessert should always be served first.”

Peace – Out – Everybody Shout…
Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah
John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt,
his name is mine name too.  Whenever we go out
the people always shout there goes
John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt…

Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah Lah.

Elvis has left the building!

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  • I think anyone who sits on a school bus with children everyday is a saint in my book. I used to be a teacher and couldn't wait to shove the kids on the bus!

  • Wow thanks for sharing that side of you! Do you never leave the house or is it not that bad? My husband I think has a mild form of agoraphobia. He gets major anxiety anytime he is out of the house, especially if he's not alone. Not sure if it's that or not but it seems like it.

  • Well, I would say you've lived an interesting life, for sure.

  • I absolutely LOVED reading this! Thank you so much for posting these wonderful things about you! 🙂
    New follower via GFC and would certainly love a visit/follow at

  • With all that you have done and your positive attitude towards all of it makes you beautiful not only that your giving spirit to help others

  • I'm a new follower via Flash Follow. Loved reading about you. You have led a diverse and busy life. 17 grandchildren…wow! Nice to meet you…virtually. =O)


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