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Patio Cleaners – Effective Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Patio

A neat patio is the center of attraction in a beautiful garden. It’s a good place to have fun with your family, get together with friends, and sit with your favorite book. Hence, it is important to learn how to care for this space to enable it to last for a longer time. We will share some tips and tricks to help you keep it looking brand-new for several years.

How to Clean Your Patio

Here are the things you need to know about patio cleaning:

1. Preparation

Clean Your Patio Sweeping outdoor patio

The first step to take when cleaning the space is to remove all furniture, plants, and accessories. Sweep it to remove debris and dirt. If weeds are growing between cracks in the tiles, pavers, or along its edges, you have to remove them. Use a kitchen knife for small or leftover weeds. You can also spray herbicide or pour some salt between the pavers to kill the weeds.

You may want to read this article to see natural methods of killing weeds.

2. Cleaning a Concrete Patio

To clean a concrete patio, do the following:

First, add a cup of bleach into one bucket of water to form a solution. If the space is very dirty, use undiluted bleach. But if you clean it regularly, clean it with brown soap.

Second, use a strong brush to scrub the space. If you choose to use chlorine bleach, you need to take care when scrubbing around plants or grass to avoid killing them. If you choose to use undiluted bleach, you can pour the solution on the surface and allow it to sit for some minutes before you start scrubbing. Also, if you choose brown soap, pour some of it on the space, pour some water, then start scrubbing.

Third, rinse off the solution from the space. But if you made use of undiluted bleach, allow it to stay overnight, then rinse off the next day.

Does your patio have gum left behind by guests or children? Use this method to remove those.

3. Cleaning a Stone Patio

To clean a stone patio, do the following:

First, mix 1 cup of soda crystals or brown soap in 1 bucket of water. Pour the solution on the surface. However, you need to be sure that the tiles need detergent or soap. Some tiles require the use of a special patio cleaner for greater efficiency.

Second, use a strong brush to scrub the space. Allow it to rest for some minutes. You can spray some white vinegar around the cracked tiles to kill weeds.

Third, carefully rinse the space. You have to be careful when doing this to avoid having soapy water on your flower beds or lawns. It can make them wither.

Expert Tips and Tricks

You can use the following tips and tricks:

1. Frequent Maintenance

Debris, leaves, and dirt will build up quickly during autumn. And as they decay, they will leave stains that may be hard to clean. Therefore, add sweeping the patio to your daily routine. Use a stiff brush to keep it tidy.

Maintaining the space frequently will prevent the build-up of thick debris. Also, doing it regularly will reduce the time you will spend cleaning it.

2. The Ideal Time to Clean

Outdoor patio in the summertime

You do not have to deep clean the space more than one or two times every year. The ideal time to carry out deep cleaning is early summer or springtime when the environment will be warmer.

3. Observe Safety Measures

Before you start cleaning, you have to consider the possibility of dangers. Use eye protection and gloves when handling a pressure washer or bleach. You can also wear some old clothes and a pair of waterproof shoes because you will become dirty and wet.

4. Further Protection

Pressure-washing the patio can make it susceptible to moss and algae. You can protect it further by applying an anti-fungal treatment for algae. You can also look out for products that are pet safe.

Epoxy is also a strong and durable sealant effective for floors.  You may opt to call epoxy flooring experts to guide and help install for you

Additionally, you can apply a sealant to protect the surface from weather damage and stains. But you need to seek professional advice to know the best product for your space. You may want to read about sealing a patio: https://www.thespruce.com/sealing-concrete-driveway-2132035.


Summer and springtime are excellent times to stay in your garden and enjoy the good weather. So, it is important to keep the garden and surrounding space clean.


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