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RED WHITE & BLUE – are the colors of the month for July. offers specials each and every month and this month is no exception.  They are hoisting the flag and celebrating our country’s colors.  $55 Regular size sheet sets: Classic White, Red Velvet and Mariner Blue. (This promotion does not include specialty size Split King and
cannot be combined with other promotions.)

Super soft sheets froms

Sheets that wick away moisture and keep sleepers cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Colors of the Month
I made up my bed with Mariner Blue Sheets from

It has been raining every single day for the past 2 weeks.  The lighting was so bad, because it’s dark outside…so the rich deep color of the sheets didn’t photograph well. They are so much prettier in “real life”.  I wish that there was feelovision so that you could experience just how soft these sheets are. I can honestly say that they are the softest sheets I have ever slept on.  I’ve paid a pretty penny in the past for super high thread count sheets (and when I say a pretty penny – I’m talking close to $200) that were no where near as smooth and silkly soft as PeachSkinSheets from  They were also HEAVY and so hard to wash, dry and make up the bed with. Features:

  • A 21st Century SMART Fabric…the Latest in High Performance Sleep Technology Textiles
  • Body Temperature and Moisture Management Properties…Warm Sleepers Stay Cool, Cool Sleepers Stay Warm
  • Perfect for Night Sweats…Athletic Grade Performance Fabric Wicks Away Moisture Rather than Just Absorbing Like Cotton
  • More Breathable than Most Fabrics Including  Cotton. Advanced  Poly    Microfibers Breathe Like Workout Clothes to Keep You Comfortable All  Night
  • Reversible Brushed PeachSkin Finish on Both Sides for Extraordinary 1500 Thread Count Softness Caressing Every Inch of Your Body
  • 18″ Deep Pockets with Elastic All Around Will Fit Memory Foam,  Custom  Number and  Double Pillow Top Mattresses up to 22″-24″
  • Anti-Pill…No Little Balls (Rolly-Pollies) on Your Fitted Sheets
  • Strong and Durable … Stands Up To Kids, Pets and Years of Daily Use
  • Always Ultra Soft Right Out of the Package….No Need to “Break Them In” and Soften with Numerous Washings
  • Anti-Slip, Non-Sateen Finish Means Softness Without Slipping or Sliding Off Your Bed
  • Rough Skin and Callouses Will Not Snag and Easily Wear Out Fabric
  • Comes Out of Dryer with No Wrinkles For a Neatly Made Bed
  • Hypoallergenic and Great for Allergies, Sensitive Skin, Eczema
  • Anti-Microbial to Prevent Dust and Pollen from Adhering to Fabric and Aggravating Allergies/Skin Issues
  • Colors Will Not Fade, Whites Will Not Gray or Become Dingy from  Laundering
  • Stain Resistant and Lightweight
  • Dries Super Fast On Medium Heat In Only 15 Minutes
  • No Shrinkage Means No Fighting Down The Road with Your Fitted Sheet to Make it Fit
  • Pet Hair Does Not “Weave” Itself into Fabric, and High Performance Yarns Offer Better Protection Against Claws
  • Fiber Never Treated with Pesticides Like Natural, Non-Organic Fabrics

Head on over and check out all the has to offer, and watch for our giveaway… coming soon!

The Secret Phrase is: A GREAT NIGHTS SLEEP Goes Red White & Blue

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111 thoughts on “ Goes Red White & Blue

  1. I have been trying to win these darn sheets for years! Maybe this is my turn…haha I am so excited about them adding new colors, but since it is August, I hope they still have them. I ordered a swatch awhile ago, and I cannot believe how amazingly soft these are!!! God bless everyone!

  2. These are really amazing sheets and they make a great gift for anyone. I love so many of the colors and I want a set of these amazing sheets!

  3. I love that these sheets wick away moisture. I tend to get really got at night and hate heavy sheets that do not breath well.

  4. I received a sample swatch a while ago and it was beyond soft! I can only dream of ever sleeping on sheets this soft! I chose the crimson red and it matched our bedroom decor perfectly!

  5. I’ve been trying to win these sheets on various blogs for YEARS! I need to just suck it up and buy them, lol. They sound amazing from all the blogs and I could use new sheets.

  6. I have never found a set of sheets that I love for my bed, but I keep seeing ads for these sheets and after reading your review, I really want to give them a try. They look great!

  7. I’m also one of those people that have been trying to win a set of these sheets.. they look super soft and my girlfriend and I were just saying how we needed a set of new sheets.

  8. I like that they have Body Temperature and Moisture Management Properties. I am glad to hear they are soft.

  9. I would love 2 try these out. Ive purchased expensive and cheap and what i hate the most is after a couple of washes the way they get these little round balls of thread on them! When you lie down they rub on you and it hurts, I hate that.

  10. These sheets sound so good. I love the new colors. I really love their eggplant colored sheets they would match my bedroom

  11. I would love to win these sheets I need a great quality set of sheets. They all end up having the little fuzz balls on them even the expensive ones and no I don’t wash my sheets with anything . I love the colors they have also.

  12. I am so excited..again..haha to see this giveaway.
    Many blog hosts love them and talk about them all the time.
    I want to know why the buzz and know first hand.,haha.
    I like every color so order all the swaths.
    And, I’m a sheets luxury item to myself.

  13. I’ve tried microfiber sheets in the past and hated them but now i think they weren’t very high quality. Our sheets are hot and the corners keep coming off! i need new sheets that keep me cool at night!

  14. I love that they fit deep mattresses like mine. I also love that they are anti-slip because somehow my husband always ends up taking the sheets off when he sleeps.

  15. These sheets look so soft and I love that they finally have a true red color! Now I’m waiting on a true purple! 🙂

  16. I like that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I like how soft these sheets are and that pet hair doesn’t weave into the sheets making it hard to get off.

  17. I have read nothing but good reviews about these sheets. With all the great features how can you not enjoy a good night’s sleep? Some of my favorite are the anti-pill feature. I have had that happen to many sets of sheets. I also like they are organic and no pesticides have been used in the fibers. I would love to win this set.

  18. I love how these wick away moisture because I live in Texas. I also really like how they come out of the dryer unwrinkled.

  19. I have a hard time finding sheets I like and these sound so nice! I like that they have moisture wick and come in so many colors.

  20. I own a few sets of these sheets, so I know how awesome they are! They seriously do help with keeping you cool when you need to be and warm when you want to be. I do agree with you that they do have a silky/smooth feel to them. The price on them is rather great, too! Glad you liked the sheets! =D

  21. I’ve always wanted to try these sheets. I love that they are super strong and durable and can withstand time and years of use.

  22. I heard this sheet are amazing ones to sleep on. They are cooler . Plus they are not too expensive to buy

  23. These look like the best sheets!! I love the colors! I think these would make a good gift for my mom! (Its been raining here almost everyday for the past few weeks too. Ah)

  24. I have read many, many positive reviews about Peachskin sheets and I have ordered samples, They sound wonderful and the fact that they help with night sweats makes them extremely appealing to me.

  25. I love that the colors don’t fade on the sheets. They just look like they are going to be so comfortable and not bunch up.

  26. These sheets are really amazing. I love that they do not pill as well as have moisture wicking. The softness of the sheets are incredible (like sleeping in luxury).

  27. I have received swatches of these sheets and they feel wonderful, I like that they are moisture wicking because I hate when my sheets get hot.

  28. I love PeachSkin sheets. They have beautiful sheet colors and the sheets are so soft. I love that they wick moisture and come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. They are beautiful sheets that I would highly recommend.

  29. I love the fact they wick moisture and keep you cool! It’s great that they offer monthly specials too. I would LOVE some new sheets.

  30. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE PeachSkin sheets…they are the best! I really want a set in white so I can have an all white fluffy nest bed like in a nice hotel.

  31. I would love to have a set of these sheets. This is a really great price on the red, white, and blue.

  32. these sheets always stick out in my mind when i need to go buy new sheets. so something i’m reading in these reviews is sticking in my head! gonna have to buy some next time i go to buy some ! thanks !xoxo

  33. I have never tried PeachSkin sheets, I do like the deep pockets and no shrinkage. their specials each month are nice-like the July colors.

  34. I never had any I would like to have some of them. I like all the colors. Let’s just be honest it has to be a very competitive business.

  35. I have never had peachskin sheet before. Our daughter as a couple sets and she loves them. She said that they are very soft and that she loves the different colors that they have.

  36. I love these amazingly soft sheets! I just purchased a black and white comforter in black and white print and I want a black sheet set to match. I know that PeachSkin Sheets has a Midnight Black color that is
    perfect for my decor and comes in a full size. I love PeachSkin sheets and I’m always telling folks about
    them. I want my family and friends to enjoy them as well.

  37. These sound like wonderful sheets. I love that they’re super soft. I also love the vibrant colors especially the red.

  38. These sheets are fantastic! I love that they do not snag or shrink. The colors stay and do not fade. They are super soft.

  39. I would really like to win these sheets. All of the colors are awesome! I think the green or the grey would go well in my bedroom

  40. My daughter is in love with these sheets. She wants some really bad. She loves that you can match them to the paint colors. She’s got plans for her room because of these sheets.

  41. These sound amazing! I love the body temperature and moisture management properties of these sheets. I also like that they have 18″ pockets!

  42. I have one set of these sheets and I absolutely love them. I just recently bought them. I will definitely be buying more.

  43. I would love to win a set of these. We use flannel but I would love to try these, especially for summer. The colors are great as well.

  44. Man, I would love to have these sheets. Between my intolerance to heat and the dog they are a perfect match for me.

  45. I most like that the fabric is more breathable than cotton. I tend to get overheated easily and suffer night sweats.

  46. I am shopping for sheets right now. I learned a lesson and will never buy cheap sheets again. I really like these.

  47. I’ve been wanting to try these sheets! I love that they are hypoallergenic and won’t fade! My current sheets look a little dingy because they’re white and I don’t like to bleach them!

  48. The sheets sound amazing. I love the cooling factor they have to offer. With menopausal hot flashes in your sleep it is a big thing.

  49. I love that these sheets are wrinkle free and fade resistant. The colors are beautiful. I would love to try these sheets! Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  50. i recieved a sample of theses about 6 months ago and they are super soft swatches and the colors are wonderful.i would love to own these sheets

  51. These sheets sound wonderful. I would love a set of sheets that won’t stretch out with my tossing and turning throughout the night. The big plus is that they are sturdy, wash nicely and has elastic all around! Makes it easier to make the bed!

  52. I have wanted a set of these sheets for a while now. I love the graphite grey. They would match my room perfectly.

  53. I keep trying to win a set of these because they have such great reviews. When my daughter first heard me talking about them she thought they were actually peach skins lol.

  54. I am always on the lookout for great sheets. I suffer from night sweats and I love that this brand has body temperature and moisture management properties. Knowing that moisture is wicked aways instead of absorbed into the sheets makes me feel more comfortable.

  55. I have heard these sheets feel amazing and I will put a set of these sheets on my Christmas wish list provided I do not win a set.

  56. I would love to win a set of these sheets, and I’ve been trying to for a while. Decided that I ‘ll probably have to buy a set for Christmas. Then I’ll like them so much that I’ll have to buy sets as presents for the family.

  57. I have wanted to try these sheets forever now. I hear over and over how soft and long lasting they are.
    Thanks for the chance.

  58. We need new bedsheets so bad, been trying to win these for years I feel like. Thanks for the review.. hope this is my lucky day.

  59. That long list of features are basically all the complaints I have about sheets! I’d be really excited to try these since I’m a warm sleeper and always get too hot.

  60. I’ve read that these are really nice sheets. I want to try them because they’re supposed to be so soft.

  61. I received my swatch samples in the mail a couple weeks ago. They are so soft! I’m excited to start saving for a set of these sheets. I hope they are on sale when I decide to buy them.

  62. I have a set of these amazing sheets that I bought a couple of years ago and they are still amazing! I cannot recommend them enough! They are super soft and wash so well.They still look brand new.

  63. I like the Body Temperature and Moisture Management Properties. I’m a cool sleeper and hubby is a warm sleeper so these would be great for us.

  64. I have been trying to win these sheets forever as I have heard so many wonderful things about them. Since we are a military family I love the red, white and blue colors of them!

  65. I am desperate to try these sheets! I know they are high quality and I love that they are cool to the touch. I hate feeling uncomfortable and trying to sleep.

  66. I first heard about these sheets about a year ago and got a sample. Love it! It’s on my Christmas wish list this year.

  67. Sheets that help you not sweat and they don’t shrink? Sounds perfect my shrunken sheets come off the mattress all the time it makes me crazy. And I sweat sleep. A bunch .

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