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More Pics from Christmas!

I wanted to share more pics from our Christmas…cause I love to share photos of my family!

I was waiting for my DIL to post on Facebook, so that I could grab the shots.

Christmas at Our House

The children prepared…for Santa and his Crew.

Milk, cookies and notes to Santa…and of course, their has to be magical reindeer food.

Getting Ready
Making sure that Santa and his Reindeer are taken care of.
Pouring his milk, putting out cookies and sprinkling magic reindeer food on the lawn.

He Came, He Came…HE CAME!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the year!

christmas Collage three
Santa came and filled everyone’s stockings.
Xmas Collage 4
Goodies for Everyone!
xmas 7 Stockings
I love the wild bedhead look.
Gifts, Gifts and more GIFTS!

xmas - the tree on Christmas MorningWe had such a lovely time.  Everyone was happy and helpful.  The grand kids got along famously, and the grown kids enjoyed seeing each other again, after many many years.

Good Food, Family and Love – What more could one ask for?

So, how was YOUR Christmas?

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  • I love all of your beautiful, festive decorations! It’s fun to see pics of everyone. And Dad’s pajamas ROCK! Seriously awesome.


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