Family Vacation Ideas

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Family Vacation Ideas

There are so many fantastic options these days for family holidays that are fun, educational that include a bit of adventure – in other words, something for everyone. Visiting Maldives will make you witness one of the hidden treasures of the world, or if you looking for something a bit less exotic, you could try a few days at Disneyland Paris. Here are a few more ideas for where you can enjoy your next family vacation:

Adventure Holiday in Morocco

Morocco is growing in popularity as a family destination. It can be an unforgettable experience to go horse riding or camel riding in the desert followed by camping at the Atlas Mountains. Kids usually enjoy a visit to the film studio near the dessert city of Ouarzazate – this is where scenes from the movie ‘Gladiator’ and the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ were shot. Marrakesh is a fascinating city, and it is worth staying here for a few days as well.

Enjoy the Wildlife in Masai Mara

A visit to Maasi Mara National Park in Kenya provides the opportunity to see zebra, giraffes, wildebeest, and elephants in their natural habitat. The best way to explore this park is to go camping or stay in one of the lodges. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of Masai Mara, you won’t do much better than a balloon safari. The best time to go is between July and November, but it is possible to visit the park all the year round.

Great Barrier Reef

If you want to do something really special for your family holiday, you can’t do much better than visiting the Great Barrier Reef which is off the coast of Queensland in Australia. This is a natural wonder, and the reef covers an area of 322 square kilometers. Adults or older children are going to be able to explore this marvel while scuba diving, but it is also possible to see a lot while snorkeling. There are plenty of nice tourist resorts close to the Great Barrier Reef, and there are plenty of other interesting things to do during a trip to Queensland.

“This post is brought to you in collaboration with one of our partners”.




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