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Preparing Your Garden For Spring

We may be in the depths of the cold winter, but we won’t be in them for much longer. Spring is just ahead of us and while it feels like it’s just too cold to get started on the garden, it really isn’t going to be very long before you have to get out there and get prepped. The urge to get back out there and into the dirt as the Spring approaches is an almost primal one. Waking up to a lush garden is a privilege and the result of hard work.

Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Preparing Your Garden For Spring

If you are lucky enough to have a garden to look after, you need to get prepared for the sunshine early so that when the season peaks you have less to do. So, what should you be doing to get your garden ready for the warmer weather?

Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Pests. Pests are often hibernating in the garden through the cold winters and you have to remove these before the Spring begins. If you can find the pests and insects and remove them at the start of the season, then you’ll not have a problem with an infestation later in the year and upset all your hard work. Get the right tools to hand to turn over all the soil and you’ll be able to unearth the pests hiding beneath the surface. Check out these natural pesticides that you can use that won’t ruin the garden you’ve carefully planted.

Lawn. Your lawn has spent months being battered by the elements, so there’s every chance that your lawn has become boggy and difficult to sort out. Check this website out for more information about reducing the stress on the lawn from frost, so that you end up with a lawn that is healthy for the sunshine to hit it. It’s the pride of the garden, the lawn, and you want one that is lush and beautiful, not soggy and resembling a swamp. Consult with Houston tree and garden care services.

Decking. Any wooded areas of the garden, including decking, need a thorough check. You are looking for weeds that have invaded the wood that has softened, and you are looking for rot. The decking takes a battering from rain and snow in the winter months and the wood can really suffer, especially if you haven’t pre-treated it. Any rotten pieces of decking or wood that needs to be removed would benefit from a garden rubbish removal service. This means no unnecessary trips to the tip for you and more time spent perfecting your garden decking! Professional decking repairs can help you to prepare your house and garden for summer.

Tools. Working on the garden isn’t just grabbing the heavy gloves and pulling weeds. You need to be prepared with your tools cleaned and working correctly so that you can avoid any delays when the real work starts later in the year. Knowing what tools haven’t survived the cold environment in the garden shed early enough means you know which Fiskars gardening tools you’ll need to get before you start your spring planting.

Making the most of the garden in the summer is going to be a direct link to whether you looked after your garden before the spring months began. Take the time to nurture the space you are lucky enough to have outside, and you will be able to enjoy a garden that is full of life – the right type – all Spring long.


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