Put a Smile on Your Child’s Face with The Lollipop Book Club

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Kids love getting mail, most love candy and they should love (or be learning to love) books and reading.  So what if you could roll all those into one?  Well, The Lollipop Book Club did just that! Enroll your child, grandchild, niece, nephew…what ever special little one in your life…and each month they will receive a book perfect for their age.  They will have the thrill of receiving a packing in the mail just for them.  Inside will be a great book, and a super fun treat.

Child at Mailbox with Package from The Lollipop Book Club - Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club

About The Lollipop Book Club

For more than 10 years, The Lollipop Book Club has been delivering the best books to kids of all ages. Our customers have the opportunity to build a gift of books catered to the child who is receiving them. Every single book is sent with a personal message printed on a sticker for inside. A fun lollipop with each delivery makes this thoughtful gift all the sweeter!

Little Boy Reading a Book and Enjoying a Lollipop - Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club

Have more than one little one?  No problem, just order extra lollipops for each and every one.  They can all enjoy the candy while the book is read together.  Reading, as they say, is truly fundamental, and when children have books of their own, they will come to treasure them, and develop a love of learning.  Reading opens up the world to little hands and minds.  It leads to rich imaginations and the desire to learn more.

The Lollipop Book Club caters to children from birth to 9 years and older.  You can look for books directed more towards boys, girls, or both. Then decided if you want to send paperbacks or hardcover. Send a single book shipment of a subscription plan: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Now the fun really begins – topics!

Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club

You can use their book recommendations to create a personalized gift of books by clicking on the list of books available, that you want included, and if you like, you can even choose the month that you want each specific book delivered.  Or, if you are short on time, or just can’t make a decision (because they have so many wonderful books to choose from) let them put a package together for you!  If there is a book, that you think might not be the best fit…just swap it our for another one.

Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club
Suggested 12 month subscription plan for boys 9+ years of age.

You can add a message to each shipment – they’ve got you covered there too.  If you can’t find just the right words, they have lots and lots of suggestions.

Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club

You can choose between small (included in subscription), or for an additional charge –  large lollipops, “allergy free” lollipops, or if your child can’t have sugar, send washcloth lollipops (perfect for babies)!

Check out all that The Lollipop Book Club has to offer.  The special child in your life will be truly blessed with this gift of reading!

Put a Smile on Your Child's Face with The Lollipop Book Club

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7 thoughts on “Put a Smile on Your Child’s Face with The Lollipop Book Club

  • I love this idea. It’s great to get kids into reading. x

  • This sounds like a great subscription box! I love that you can leave a special message with the delivery, explaining why you chose a particular book could be the reason they choose to actually read it!

  • This is an awesome book club! It’s so important to encourage kids to read. I have 3 kids and they all love to read.

  • This is awesome and I appreciate you sharing this! This is the perfect gift idea for my niece as she loves reading and these books look amazing and love the illustrations! Thank you and heading over to check out the Lollipop Book Club 🙂

  • Oh… this is a true treasure. I love buying books for my kids and having this subscription is a super nice solution.

  • I super love the idea lol just amazing and where do i sign up!!! Very creative idea, love it!!!

  • I am sure kids will love this so much. Especially trick or treat season is fast approaching. This is a great idea!


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