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Save Time Shop Online for Verizon Wireless 

Verizon 2

Gracie with her first Library CArd
This is our sweet little Gracie. She could wait to show us her very first library card!

Smartphones have become a part of our lives.  They are our go-to cameras for stills and video and help us navigate the highways (and It’s a huge deal to know that when my husband or kids – and grandkids- are on the road, that they are always linked to helping should they need it). We can shop via our smartphones, watch movies, and check out the local weather.  BUT, I think that the most important reason to have a smartphone is to keep in touch with those we love…our Family and Friends…

…I can hardly stand to have a day go by, without getting a text or photo from one of my loved ones.  I am gaga for when the little ones call to talk to Nonnie and Grandpa.  And to hear their voices when they call – it’s priceless.

Corey Diving 2
With smartphone technology, I can” be there” with my grandson at all is diving meets!

If it’s time for you to get a new phone – go for it.  Don’t let a bad phone keep you from being able to talk to family and friends.  With Verizon Wireless, you can order a brand new smartphone or tablet, or add another line to your service plan.  Even if you are a brand new customer, you can get started ALL ONLINE! Now, when you buy a new device, you can save $50, ding ding ding ding on select smartphones with coupon code COUPONVZW. This offer expires 2/29. Available for new customers or additional lines of service. Not valid for upgrades.


Verizon is known for its speed, great ratings, and coverage.  Check out their “hidden offer”.  You can receive a free Qi Wireless Charger if you purchase a Droid Turbo 2 phone.  Please note that the offer only shows up, when you add the Droid Turbo 2 phone to your online shopping cart.  To receive your free charger you must purchase the monthly device payment – NOT the full retail price. This fantastic offer is good through 2/25.

Verizon 1

Who will You call today?

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Save Time Shop Online for Verizon Wireless

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31 thoughts on “Save Time Shop Online for Verizon Wireless

  1. I love that droid turbo 2 deal. I would definitely consider it also passing to my friends and family. thanks!

  2. I’d use the coupon to get the Samsung Galaxy S®6 32GB in Black Sapphire. My was just stolen and I need to replace my phone.

  3. The Valentine’s day off of $100 off the 16 or 64GB in gold iPhone 6 plus would be my favorite. I love gold!

  4. I would use it towards the Galaxy S6 edge +. I like that it has the edge screen as a shortcut from any screen to your top contacts and apps. You’ll quickly know when your favorite contacts call or text message by the light–up notification on the edge screen.

  5. I like the Buy a Turbo 2 & get 50% off another Turbo 2 or a Maxx 2 deal. My boyfriend and I are both looking for new phones so I think this deal would suit us the best.

  6. I would opt for the Samsung Galaxy S®6 32GB in Black Sapphire because it is made by Samsung, it uses and Android operating system, and it has 32GB of memory. Apple makes great products, but you pay a very high price for them both initially and as you use them.

  7. I would want the Samsung S6. I have a S5 and love it and wanted a S6 when I needed a new phone but couldn’t afford it. My hubby would want the Note5 because he loves the Samsung notes!

  8. I would love the Fitbit from the Valentine’s day special page! I’d love on to help me stay healthy this year!

  9. I’d probably pick the Apple iPhone® 5s – most of my friends have an iphone so they could help me learn to use it! Any of them would be great – I’ve never had a smart phone.

  10. I would chose to get the iPhone 6S. I have the 5S currently and I really love it, but I would really like to upgrade.

  11. The Apple iPad pro Valentine’s Day deal sounds great to me. I haven’t ever had an iPad. This looks like a fabulous price.

  12. I’d Choose The Apple® iPhone® 5s 16GB in Space Gray, Because I’ve Always Wanted An Apple Smartphone.

  13. We have had Verizon Wireless for over 10 years and currently have iPhone 6’s but I would love to try the Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

  14. I’d choose the Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus 16GB in Space Gray, 5 star reviews and I’m already invested in iTunes products.

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