Top Holiday Photo Card Mistakes to Avoid

The onset of Christmas brings excitement for the amazing activities and memories to make over the season. You may also meet up with your family and friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. The anticipation may seem unbearable, but sending holiday photo cards can be a great preview for the holiday celebrations.

What then should you have in mind when creating photo cards to send to your family and friends over Christmas?

Top Holiday Photo Card Mistakes to Avoid

Bad Grammar

Bad grammar is terrible news. Think about it. Christmas happens once annually, make the moment count. Bad grammar seems like the gift was rushed. Take your time and customize a unique photo card for your loved ones. It makes them feel appreciated and loved.

Being Late

You have plenty of time before the holidays begin in full motion. That would be an appropriate time to send out the photo cards before the season climax. On the other hand, sending your photo cards when it’s way past Christmas and the New Year seems like a last-minute idea; perhaps even an afterthought. Therefore, take adequate time to design and send photo cards to your family and friends on time.

Misspelling Names

Let’s say your favorite auntie lives far away. While she can’t make it home for Christmas together with her family, a Christmas photo card would be ideal. Her new family name is Bonanza. Instead, you write Merry Christmas to The Bonanzagas family.

Such a mistake is rude, offensive, and embarrassing. If you have no idea on the right spelling, please ask. Additionally, if you want to make a name plural, add an “s” without an apostrophe, for instance, Matthews. On the other hand, if the surname ends with an s, x, z, sh, or ch, add “es” to the title, like The Cruises.

Impersonal Photos

Do the photos you choose on your Christmas cards resonate well with you and your intended recipient? It beats logic to send a personalized holiday card with a photo that they wouldn’t appreciate. For instance, a photo of your family is a picture-perfect choice. However, posting a picture with your classmates or even colleagues is not a great idea. Additionally, keep it simple and don’t try too hard.

Bad Designs

Remember, the Christmas holiday is a one-time event in the year. Wouldn’t you want a special card to seal the moment? A well designed, elaborate photo card is an absolute thrill. A great way to get around creating your photo card is by using an online editor like Mixbook. You can integrate different designs, templates, colors, and even sizes before personalizing your photo cards.

Additionally, when designing your photo cards, could you give them a personal touch. For instance, you can sign off with the handwritten family name. How cool is that? Let your photo cards show your family and friends how much you love them and think about them.


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