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Signs That You Need AC Repair

Air conditioning issues always occur at the most inconvenient time. The system fails during the balmy days when the unit is pushed beyond its working capabilities. Having a properly working air conditioning unit is essential to your family’s health and comfort. When your system fails, you do not have to worry since it can be handled with routine air conditioning and electrical services.

You can avoid or minimize the repair services by identifying minor issues in time before developing into big problems. It is not difficult to distinguish if your unit needs fixing, but sometimes most homeowners do not have the knowledge about their particular system.

Here are various tips that will help you recognize signs that you need A/C repair, and know that your system requires fixing, by residential air conditioning gold coast.

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Poor Air Flow

If you notice there is less flow of air through the unit’s vents, then your AC compressor may be going wrong. If the rooms in your house are getting colder than others, then the issues might be your duct. This means your system needs the services of an expert. During the normal functioning of your air conditioner, debris and other dust materials get stuck in your unit’s vents. This will not only prevent airflow, but it will also present health and wellness issues for you and your family. Having the AC ducts cleaned on a regular basis is a great way to ensure that your unit is working well when you need its services and there is good airflow in your home.

AC Thermostat Not Working

A thermostat is the command center of your AC system. It communicates with the air conditioner making it know the amount of air it must produce. If your central air unit operates for a small period before shutting it off, this is a clear indication that your thermostat is not functioning as required. If your system is experiencing this problem, you will need the services of a professional to examine your system since it has complex electrical components involved that you might not understand.

High Energy Bills

A high energy bill is an indication that your heating unit is not functioning at its highest efficiency. Most heaters normally lose their effectiveness as they become old and if there are no excellent maintenance services. As a result, your system may function for a long time, providing the same amount of heat. When the bills are too high, then it is time to contact your HVAC professional to carry out the repair services for you.

Strange Noises from Your System

Even when AC units are in good condition they can be noisy when operating. However, strange noises should cause you more concern than others. If you discover that your unit is making

noises such as popping, humming, screeching and banging, then it is time to seek the services of an HVAC expert to help you with the repair. The main reasons for these noises could be:

  • Popping : This sound is produced when components inside your furnace respond to temperature alterations within the unit.
  • Humming : The sound is an indication of the fan motor or blower failure.
  • Rattling : Caused by loose screws or sheet metal and unsecured ductwork. The sound also suggests that your system’s blower motor is not correctly installed.
  • Screeching : This is an indication that there is an issue with the inducer motor or blower motor. The main issue could be with the loose bearing, a problem with the pulley or deteriorating belt.

Presence of Moisture Where it Should Not Be

A leakage near or around your unit is an indication of a unit failure. The leaks may be due to the following reasons. In most cases, the leakage could be originating from the refrigerant. This leak can lead to serious health issues for you and your family if you do not contact an expert to repair or replace it. When you notice water pools adjacent or near your system, then it is a drain tube that has a problem. It may be disposing of the air, and the condensation process is either blocked or broken.

Keep the name and number of your favorite electrician handy. If you don’t have an electrician, find one. Ask your friends or family who they might suggest. You never know when problems can occur. Having a smooth-running air conditioner can be your oasis on a very hot day.

2 thoughts on “Signs That You Need AC Repair

  • Great information. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. I really like that you described the noises – it’s not so technical that I can’t understand it. I also like having an idea of what the problem is before I call someone so I can come from a point of knowledge, then hopefully I don’t get taken advantage of…it only takes one time for a repairman to sell you parts you don’t need for you to want to do your homework ahead of time forever more.

  • It’s nice that you talked about how your AC compressor may be going wrong if you notice there is less flow of air through the unit’s vents. I turned on our AC last night but I noticed that it wasn’t cooling as strongly as before. It didn’t seem like a nice sign, so we should probably ask for a professional AC repair service.


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