Sometimes Life Just SUCKS!

WARNING:  This is a Woe is Me post, heavy on TMI.  

Proceed with caution if you have low intolerance for pity parties.

I’ve got a flame’n UTI.  Last night, I broke out in hives and was itching from head to toe, and I was in a lot of pain.  Drinking water, soaking in hot tub, more water drunk, another dip in the tub, more water, pain pills (aaaaahhhh – thank you Lord, for good doctors, great husbands, AND pain pills!), and some more water ~ I was finally able to get to sleep around 1:00 this morning.  Mind you, at that point I had been up for 42 hours.

Bless my dear husband, he is  pitching in  any way that he can…  Helping me in and out of the tub, bringing me endless glasses of water.  Taking care of the dogs.  Last night he tucked me into bed with extra meds, and an ice pack.  This morning he made a mercy trip to Walgreens( for some homeopathic meds),  kept everyone quiet, fed them and  taken  them  out 3 times.  Since I’ve gotten up (slept in until  after noon) he’s emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, cleaned the kitchen sink, stripped the bed, started the laundry, de-poopified our yard, and is now edging and mowing. He’s going to go to Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar Tree, for me later this afternoon, when he’s finished with the yard.

Now that the pain pills have kicked in and I’ve gotten some sleep – I could go do errands with him ~ BUT ~ this is what I looked like when I got up.

WARNING – GRAPHIC and Disturbing

Yep – I look like a buldog. Swollen eyes, wrinkled face, I’ve even got the crazy tongue thing and bad breath going on;-(

GAH- I’m in a funk.

Gabe is even feeling really bad for me.

I caught him writing this poem when I got up.


by Gabriel Good Boy, S.D.

I’m tuck’n  my tail between my legs…

And hanging my head in shame. 

My human to Aiming-Low, won’t go…

And I’m the one to blame.

The Pioneer Woman, she wanted to see…

And now she can’t because of me. 

To Galloway Gardens she wanted to go…

To listen, learn, as a blogger to grow. 

I must admit, the trip sounded fun…

Packing my treats was jumping the gun. 

Now what can I do, to turn things around…

And flip my humans frown upside down? 

I’m scratching my ears and link’n my butt…

I just can’t believe my good looks weren’t enough. 

I really thought that my big brown eyes…

Had the sponsors mesmerized. 

Arf arf, bow wow, woof woof….Arrrrroooooo…

Is my sob story getting to you? 

If so, send a check made out to her…

It  will make human quite happy, yep – that’s for sure. 

She’ll get to party, and so will I.

You know you want to, cause I’m such a great guy!

While applaud his good intentions, I sincerely doubt that the situation is gonna change.

Enough – I’m taking my pity party back to the tub.

Sometimes Life Just SUCKS! – THAT IS ALL

Sometimes Life Just SUCKS!

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0 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Just SUCKS!

  1. hahaha, while a UTI is NOT funny, your post brought a smile to my face. Glad hubby has been so helpful… I get my perimenopause moments and mine just looks at me like I’m nuts. too many darn changes going on, with both good days and bad days 🙁 take care and get well soon!

  2. Hi i have had this happen to me several times and it is not FUN AT ALL!!! . One time it hit me all at once and i knew what it was and it was getting late in the evening and i said crap nothing open. Well belore i knew it i started running a Re al high fever and i had to go to the hospital. Mine was so bad that quick. You never know so please be careful. I was really sick for a long time on that one. I keep stuff around the house now all the time just in case for the burning at least untill i can get to a dr. Sometimes it’s not just UTI its Kidney problems so make sure you get then check out. Get Well Joannie

  3. You are SO lucky to have a such a wonderful husband! Wow! I am totally jealous as my husband wouldn’t do any of those things…not even if I was on my “death bed”. Hang on to that man! (P.S. Hope you are feeling better!)

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