Taking Your Maxi Dress Into Fall

Maxi dresses are the go-to item in summer. For everyone who hasn’t managed to get their ideal summer body by the time the sun goes warm, your maxi dress is your best friend to hide all those bits and bobs you don’t want anybody to see. They are ideal to hide away the indulgence of the winter. But, their floatiness is also their best quality when the weather gets hot: They keep you feeling fresh all day – the best thing about floaty clothes is that they let the air circulate around your skin. Besides, if you’re worried about keeping your legs smooth, you can pop a maxi dress on and embrace a no-shave day – your skin will be grateful, we promise.

But, there’s nothing that breaks a fashionista’s heart as much as putting away her favorite maxi dress at the end of summer. In fact, maxi dresses are so practical and trendy that it’s foolish to wear them only for a couple of months during the year.

Taking Your Maxi Dress Into Fall
Every day is a Maxi Dress day.

Why maxi dresses still work

By definition maxi dresses are long. And long, ultimately, means that you can stay warm. Do you remember the cooling advantage of keeping a layer of air around your skin in summer? It has the opposite effect when the weather gets chilly and can keep you warm instead. If you’re worried that your summer dresses might be a little too summery in their patterns, opt instead for season-neutral design – you can find great examples on, for instance. In the long term, plain dresses are a lot easier to wear season after season – while a typical summer pattern with palm trees, ice cream cones or even beach landscapes might be more difficult to accommodate in winter.

What can replace your flip-flops?

The favorite shoes with a maxi dress tend to be a pair of open sandals – or flip-flops – in summer. It’s fair to say that moving to the next season, you need to pack your sandals away. But you can keep your maxi dress relevant with the right pair of shoes. If the dress comes to your ankles, you should stay away from boots as they might make your silhouette appear bulky. Instead, opt for a cozy pair of loafers – check these models on a previous article – or even sling-backs for a touch of wild femininity. For dresses that expose your shins, a pair of boots – ankle or knee-high – can work wonders to transform your summer outfit for the perfect fall fashion.

Nothing beats the cozy cardi style

As winter approaches, you’ll need to accessorize your dress to keep yourself warm. The magical layer of air between the skin and your clothes can only help you so far! But a chunky cardigan can become your best friend to make the cold go away. If you’re looking for your next craft project, you could even knit it yourself over the weekend! Cropped jumpers can also modernize your silhouette and keep your arms and shoulders warm. And remember, with maxi dresses, nobody has to see your legs: A pair of thick tights will make sure you’re ready for any breeze.

The bottom line is that a quality maxi dress can be part of your style all year long and look adequate even when the weather gets cold. So when’s the next time you’re taking your maxi dress for a day out?


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