4 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and sometimes they hit a lull. When things seem stale or you and your partner fall in a rut, there are steps you can take to spice things up.

From the sexy to the sweet, there are plenty of ways to show your significant other that you care and want to put effort into fostering an exciting relationship.

Check out these four tips to spice up your relationship.

1. Get Touchy

Physical touch plays an important part in every relationship. In a study of romantic partners, scientists found that even stroking someone’s forearm decreases their heart rate and increased satisfaction in their relationship. Days may be busy, but try to find some time to snuggle, hold hands or give each other massages. Additionally, setting aside just five minutes to cuddle each morning can ramp up the intimacy between you and your partner.

2. Try Some New Lingerie

When it comes to your sex life, there is no shortage of new things to try. But one that’s sure to get a great response is buying some new lingerie. Keep the fire burning with a new bra and panty set, a sweet nighty or really go wild with some lovely lingerie. Want to take it a step further? Try a costume. Bringing role-play into the bedroom adds a fun, new dimension to your relationship and is easy to get your partner involved.

3. Surprise Each Other

There’s nothing quite like the element of surprise, and simple surprises are super easy to plan. Whether it’s a sexy or sweet gesture, any attention that’s out of the ordinary will definitely get noticed and appreciated. You can do something as simple as leaving a special note for them or be more extravagant with a detailed date night. No matter if it takes five minutes or five hours, set a goal to surprise each other once a week to keep each other on your toes.

4. Unplug and Sign Off

How often do you pull out your smartphone while you’re with your significant other? Do your date nights often look like a movie on the couch? These days, it’s rather easy to rely on technology to keep you engaged. But limiting your screen time can encourage deeper conversation, greater laughter and more touch. In that vein, try playing a game with your partner: Carve out some time during the day to not use any digital devices. During this respite from technology, the first person to look at their smartphone must give the other a foot rub or perform another bonding activity. Then again, even if you slip up, you’ll still be bonding with your significant other.

Give Your Relationship a Spark

If you ever feel like your relationship is losing its spark, there’s no reason to panic. It doesn’t mean you and your partner are growing apart; it just means you both need to put some more effort into making your time together special. Incorporate some of the ideas on this list and see how things develop and evolve. We bet the heat will be back in your love life in no time.

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