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An individual in Barnsley may decide to get a form of orthodontics in order to enhance the overall appearance of their smile. Braces are essentially brackets and wires which aim to encourage the teeth to move in a certain direction. When an individual hears the word ‘braces’ they may think of traditional metal braces, however within modern dentistry there are several options. Individuals who lack self-confidence may opt for more subtle forms of orthodontics such as lingual braces or clear aligners. Braces come in a multitude of different forms, but they all aim to increase the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

Orthodontic braces aim to straighten, align, and reduce the crookedness of the teeth within the mouth. Braces may also aim to reduce and fully eliminate the overbite of the teeth, which can be caused by childhood habits. Braces may either be cosmetic or structural and work by placing pressure on the teeth to gradually reach alignment, for some individuals braces may aim to align the jaw, which can completely change a patient’s facial appearance. Young teens and adolescents may choose to undergo orthodontics through the national health service or privately within a practice or surgery, depending on their individual dental (as well as financial) situation. For young teens and adolescents there is only a small window available for an orthodontic treatment so choosing the right option is extremely important.

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Are there more than one type of dental braces?

Within modern dentistry and orthodontics there are a variety of different options for different types of patients. Family dentistry differs greatly from private dentistry and orthodontics, and each treatment and procedure also varies. Traditional metal braces may be more common with younger patients, whereas discreet orthodontics may be more suitable for older patients who may either be revisiting dental work or just aiming to rejuvenate their smile.

Older patients may choose subtler forms of orthodontics due to their professional career and therefore environment. Adults may feel as if having visible orthodontics can hinder their professional career and may therefore choose a more subtle alternative. Lingual and tooth colored braces are a few examples of more discreet alternatives which may be more aesthetically appealing. Invisalign is commonly thought of as the name for clear aligners, however they are actually just one provider of orthodontic treatment.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners are a form of retainer and work by slowly adjusting the formation and alignment of the teeth. Clear aligners are provided by your local practice or surgery and are replaced every few weeks in order to maintain the alignment of the teeth. Clear aligners can have a short treatment time period if the individual has previously undergone orthodontic treatment and simply needs a course to reaffirm alignment. Clear aligners may start with an initial consultation and an X-ray as well as an initial mold of the teeth. They are usually always privately obtained, however there may be different finance options such as a monthly plan or interest free option.

What are braces and why may I choose to get braces in Barnsley?

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