Tech Candy Total Sweetness with NO Calories

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I am a TOTAL Planner Addict. To me, they are like potato chips – You can’t have just one.

Well, until now that is!  I have fallen head over heels for the Tech Candy Power Journal! And when they say POWER JOURNAL – they mean POWER JOURNAL! I’m telling you, this product has got me so stoked I can hardly begin to tell you just how excited it has made me. You know how some women get all tingly at the thought of jewelry…well that’s exactly what the Power Journal does for me! Four delicious color combinations to choose from.

So, what makes these journals so special, you might ask.  I’m gonna tell ya right now!

So what do you see?  Besides the gorgeous colors that they come in? Take a very good look!

The secret in on the inside. THE POWER! This baby not only holds your journal/planner inserts, but it also will power your devices. Three cords are neatly tucked away inside the “front cover”. One is to charge the power bank, one is for iPhone/iPad and one is for Android.  All bases are covered! There is even a tablet caddy. It’s like a desk in a binder!


  • Power Bank
  • MFi Lightning Cord
  • Micro USB Cord,
  • Phone Pouch
  • Tablet Caddy
  • File Pocket
  • 160 Pages Journal Paper
  • Removable Binder
  • Credit Card Slots
  • Zippered Compartment
  • Pen Loop
  • Button & Loop Closure
  • Natural Fabric

About Tech Candy


Dual protection and stunning good looks for your phone and other fab techcessories. 🙂 Tech Candy by OCG Products is an exclusive line of high-design phone Case Sets and other yummy gadget goodies. Making things people want to buy is a really fun business.

The Power Planner comes with lined page inserts, but it’s easy to substitute your own A5 inserts. Remove the “spine” and you can use disc inserts, too!

Tech Candy Total Sweetness with NO Calories
Top Left: Woven USB Cord, Top Right: iPhone Case, Bottom Lift: Energy Bar, Bottom Right: Purse Light

Believe me, the Power Planner isn’t the only awesome product that Tech Candy carries.  After all, fun tech gadgets are what they are all about. Shop for Energy Bars, Purse Lights,  (in colors that match the planners), Woven USB Cords, iPhone cases and so much more.

Thrill the techy in your life with a goodie or two from Tech Candy…They’ll be “techled” pink (or purple or blue or green)!

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Tech Candy Total Sweetness with NO Calories

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25 thoughts on “Tech Candy Total Sweetness with NO Calories

  1. I love this! I am always on the lookout for the perfect planner, and this one seems to have amazing features I haven’t seen in any of my other planners! I love that it charges my devices since that is always an issue for me.

  2. I use a planner and I have to say there no comparison. Your planner is so much more functional and I simply love the colors!!!

  3. Love this, favorite part, three cords are neatly tucked away inside. Also like that it is almost like a desk in a binder!

  4. This looks so neat and I LOVE that it’s not just for iPad/iPhones but they include Android too! I wonder though if it’s compatible for the new Samsung S8/8+/Note since they have a different connection now….

  5. I never knew this existed until now, and I love it! I use a regular planner daily and it is bulky, plus, if I make mistakes, it’s there forever. With this, I can be so much more efficient, plus, won’t run out of ink!

  6. This would be an awesome techie gift for my daughter. As an artist, this would help keep her life in order in a fashionable way. If I win I would certainly gift it to her!

  7. I love my tech. But, I have recently realized/admitted that there are some things just best suited to being actually hand written. It just seems like it helps organize my brain a bit better. This would totally meld both of those without me needing to carry a bunch of extra stuff. On my Christmas wish list now for sure!

  8. I love the POWER JOURNAL and all the colors it comes in as well. I love that it can hold my device and charge it too. Great gift for the kids they would love it.

  9. I like that this will power your devices. I like that the power planner comes with lined page inserts. I like that you can choose from different color combinations.

  10. We just gave my daughter a tablet and she loves journals, so this would be perfect for her. I love all the girly colors!

  11. This looks so convenient! My chargers and cords are always getting tangled. Would definitely help me keep organized.

  12. This sounds really great for me – I really like paper planners, but sometimes I need the phone calendar to remind me to do something.

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