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2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

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Here in the South, kids will be heading Back To School in just a few weeks time.  Others, have another month or more before their summer holidays end.  We have put together some items that can make the transition back to the classroom (and the hectic pace for the entire family) just a bit easier.  Some offerings are practical some are fun.  So Welcome to the 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page!

This & That Lunch

If you want to send a hot lunch to school with your child, or hey, if you want a great hot lunch to take to work with you…This & That has a unique new product that makes it easy and fun to do!


From Home Oven to School Table

The silicone containers are ideal to oven bake individual portions of your kid’s favorite meals so they can enjoy home-cooking on the go.

Make Kid’s Excited About Lunch Again

The washable marker and sticker lunch notes to personalize the containers, label the food or write fun messages directly on the lid. Like never before your kids will be excited about lunches on the go.


  • Oven and freezer friendly
  • Collapsible and stackable for space-saving
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Microwave safe for easy heating
  • Take along for school, camp, work, picnics and travel
  • Safe temperatures: 0°F to 450°F / -18°C to 237°C

Safe for the Whole Family

  • FDA approved food-grade silicone, BPA free
  • 100% safe, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-allergenic
  • Perfect for children with allergies and sensory issues with easy marking options: pen marking and notes stickers

Leak-proof and Airtight

  • Best for keeping food secured during travels
  • Keep food fresh for longer
Get your Lunch Squares’ Lunch Kit and Lunch Squares’ Kid Friendly Recipe Book from and from This & That or your Lunch Squares’ Lunch Kit from Amazon.

Stuck On You

Oh my gosh – I am such a fan.  Especially of their Bento Box Lunch Boxes.  They come in two sizes with cooler bags to match.  Pick your colors, your fonts…make it your own!

Colorful Bento Lunch Boxes and Cooler Bags from Stuck On You - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page


Personalized name labels save time and money. From iron on and stick on clothing labels for Back To School, personalized bag tags, personalized gifts for kids and shoe labels to personalized lunch boxes and personalized school bags, personalized pajamas and canvas height charts – Stuck On You has your family covered. Spend less time recovering lost property and more time getting on with the fun things in life.

Stuck On You Label Packages - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page



Give yourself time to label everything before School starts. Start creating your Personalized School Labels and order online now so you’ll have plenty of time to iron, stick and sew your labels onto their belongings.

Besides labels, Stuck On You offers:

  • Sun Hats
  • Bags
  • Bag Tags
  • Drink Bottles
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Stationary

Assorted Products from Stuck On You - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

Of course, all are personalized!

Learn More, Follow and Shop Stuck On You: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

iTouch Wearables

The:iTouch PlayZoom Smartwatch for Kids comes with features such as a Camera, Video, Voice Recorder, Fun Learning & Active Games, Photo Effects, Sound Animations, Stopwatch, Alarm, Timer, Calendar and so much more! Connect it to your computer to download pictures and videos. This fun and exciting smartwatch is a great gift for all kids. It allows for them to grow while still having fun with all the great games and activities this digital watch has to offer. Keep kids busy and engaged, while at the same time letting them have an interactive experience. This Playzoom will make the perfect addition to any child’s day. The PlayZoom does not connect to a cellular device and is kid safe

PlayZoom Kids Watchen by iTOUCH Wearable - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

About iTouch

Connecting your work & active life

In search of a smartwatch back in 2015, we couldn’t find one with a price tag under $100 – so we decided to build our own! About a year into development, we had working prototypes ready to connect to our smartphones via Bluetooth, and headed into production.

iTOUCH smartwatch hit the market in October 2016. With all of your standard features in tow, iTOUCH quickly sold out at all of our retailers. iTOUCH now adds easy access to the voice assistant on your phone as well as a calendar app.

2017 brought the iFITNESS Activity Tracker with notifications. Equipped with a step, distance, calorie and sleep counter, the iFITNESS comes ready to wear with an extra band in the box. The iFITNESS app adds much more: step and sleep tracking with history, sedentary reminder and smartphone notifications make the iFITNESS an accessory you’ll never remove.

NOW AVAILABLE – the iTOUCH Curve, iTOUCHAir, and iTOUCH Air 2

Learn More, Follow and Shop iTouch Wearables: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Lotsa Style

Lotsa Style Food Storage Bags and Beeswax Wraps - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

School Lunch Packing – Ready…Set….GO!, with these eco-friendly options.

Silicone Food Storage Bags

  • EASY TO USE – Forget those hard to use slide on and ziplock ones. Just snap open and close easily without using much strength. Guarantee airtight and leakproof so food stays fresh. Opening measures 4.7 inch or 12 cm wide which stays open and you can leave it on your kitchen top and it stands on its own
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & PLASTIC FREE – Every time you use our reusable silicone bags to pack your lunch & store food, there will be 1 less plastic bag polluting the earth
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Other than food items, you can use it for makeup, toiletries, baby diapers, for outdoors and camping and so on. Use a non-permanent marker to label the items inside. It can also be used as an ice pack
  • SILICONE + TRITAN – Safe to use from freezer to microwave. No strong smell. Cleans easily, no hard to clean corners and dishwasher safe. They are resistant to high heat of up to 428 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius). No BPA, no BPS, no BPF, no PVC, no Phthalates, no petroleum, is plastic, latex free
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you are unhappy with our product for whatever reason, let us know and we will handle your case as best as we can

Beeswax Wraps

  • EASY TO USE & DURABLE – Use your hand and apply warmth and slight pressure to shape and seal around a bowl/container or piece of food. They are durable for up to a year if you use a few times each week
  • PERFECT PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE – This product is perfected out of many months of trial and error during research phase. It is made of organic cotton and specially hand-picked ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil, tree resin and so on
  • WASH & REUSE – Wash under cool water and with dish soap. After washing, hang to dry and then fold and store. Avoid heat and don’t cut on them
  • YOUR KITCHEN HELPER – Popular use include cheese, vegetables, loaf of bread, sandwiches, fruits and nuts
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you are unhappy with our product for whatever reason, let us know and we will handle your case as best as we can

Get your eco-friendly products from Lotsa Style on AMAZON: Here & Here Use code beautiful30 for 30% percent off. Expires on 31 Aug 2019

My Gnome On The Roam” Adventure Childrens Book Kit 

Oooh, this one is FUN! I can only imagine how excited my grand-kids will be with this kit!

My Gnome on the Roam" (Child Playing with Kit) - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

AWARD WINNING – Award Winning Children’s Storybook. Winner of 4 prestigious parent awards including the “Parent’s Choice Award”

THE GNOME – Comes with a 6 inch DIY gnome named “Gustav” to decorate and take with on all your adventures. Similar to the other traveling gnomes.

INCLUDED INSIDE – Inside your activity suitcase you will find the “My Gnome on the Roam” storybook, an adventure journal, an adventure guide and a magical wooden pen.

MORE THAN A STORY – My Gnome on the Roam the storybook is meant to be just the beginning of your adventures with your children. Use the notebook, adventure guide and pen to follow the storybooks lead and create your own adventures together.

OUR GOAL – Our goal is to help you build creative family adventures, even in the middle of the week. With My Gnome on the Roam and a little imagination, you can build a lifetime of memories in as little as 30 minutes a week.

My Gnome On The Roam” – Traveling Adventure Gnome with Home – an Adventure for The Whole Family

DIY Traveling Gnome – Color him, name him and explore with him.

Its an invitation for a family experience designed to help you and your kids explore and create, offering countless hours of fun and connection.

Includes a Traveling Gnome home that is customizable.

Get Your My Gnome on the Roam” Adventure Childrens Book Kit and/or My Gnome on the Roam: Traveling Adventure Gnome with Home from AMAZON: Adventure Book Kit | Traveling Adventure Gnome with Home

Teach My – Give Your Toddler a Head Start

One of my all time favorite sites – Learning kits for kids from birth through Kindergarten!

Teach My Learning Kits - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

Teach My Toddler is the award winning, all-in-one learning kit designed for toddlers 18 months+. Screen-free, the kit contains unique and coordinated tools to teach the alphabet, numbers to 10, shapes and colors

From puzzles and books to flashcards and posters, the kit is full of learning toys to give your mini scholar a head start. Teach My Toddler promotes kindergarten readiness, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, parent-child interaction and self-esteem in just 20 minutes a day!

  • 60+ pieces to teach your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors
  • Kit includes 4 board books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles and 55 flashcards
  • Promotes literacy, numeracy, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Step by step teaching guide to ensure successful learning and development

Teach My Toddler Continents and Animals introduces your toddler to 7 continents of the world and 21 animals that live on those continents. Use a coordinated book, puzzle-within-a-puzzle and matching flashcards to encourage fun, educational play.

Just 20 minutes a day with Teach My Toddler Continents and Animals and your toddler can master the continents of the world and 21 animal names. The set encourages hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, matching, fine motor skills and parent-child interaction.

  • Introduce your toddler to 7 continents and 21 animals
  • Set includes 30 piece floor puzzle, 28 flashcards and matching board book
  • Build spatial reasoning, puzzle building and fine motor skills
  • Includes a teaching guide with tips

Learn More, Follow and Shop Teach My: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Cold Bee Gone

Cold Bee Gone - 2019 Back To School Gift Guide Page

The Story of Cold Bee Gone ~ In 2008, we started our family through the gift of international adoption. During this process we learned our beautiful new daughter was very ill with a heart defect caused by Agent Orange. She required emergency open heart surgery at eight months of age which mended her heart yet left her very fragile. A few months later, when we were finally united with her in Vietnam, we began her journey of healing. As a new mom, I was determined to do things as naturally as possible for this precious baby. I studied apitherapy as a hobby and was fascinated by its potential. I also studied the science of the nasal mucosa and it’s importance to our immune system. It just made sense to marry the two concepts and attack germs where they replicate while supporting this delicate biome.
In the beginning I kept little mason jars of my remedy in the fridge and asked everyone I knew to try it. The feedback was tremendous. Everyone had similar experiences of having colds that were less severe or “nipped in the bud”. With this encouragement we began to explore the complex journey of bringing a product to market. Five years later we are happily reaching families like ours across the nation. I’m so thrilled to feel the shift in our world towards more natural living and I’m honored to be even a small part of it.
Today our family is complete with the addition of another beautiful daughter who was born in China and came home forever in 2010. Our girls are both happy, healthy, athletic, crazy smart and the very best of friends. I thank you for your interest in my product and I send all the best from my happy hive to yours. ~ J (aka Queen Bee)

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Cold Bee Gone: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

The Learning Journey International Toys

For the little ones when their older siblings head back to school! Let them learn through play.  The Learning Journey offers so many fun toys that help children to learn. My grandson loves his:

  • Play and Learn Stacking Cubes
  • The Smart Learning Station
  • Little Music Maracas
  • Little Tunes Tambourine

About The Learning Journey International

The Learning Journey develops toys, puzzles and games that inspire children and cultivate learning through play.
Their Journey began in 1995 and they are family owned and operated.
Their headquarters are based in Phoenix, Arizona, but Learning Journey products can be found all over the world.
Their award-winning toys have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, Good Morning America, and in Good Housekeeping Magazine, among many others.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop The Learning Journey International: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Quarto Knows – Book Publications

Quarto Knows is the home for books ranging from cooking, crafting, pets, and art to automotive, military history, design, and much more.
Brimming with creative inspiration, how-to projects and useful information to enrich your everyday life, Quarto Knows is a favorite destination for those pursing their interests and passions. Visit our site and dig deeper with our books into your area of interest: Quarto Creates, Quarto Cooks, Quarto Homes, Quarto Lives, Quarto Drives, Quarto Explores, Quarto Gifts, or Quarto Kids.

The Dictionary of Difficult Words

CREDIT: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, an imprint of The Quarto Group 

Author: Jane Solomon / Illustrated by: Louise Lockhart

What is a bumbershoot? Or a moonbow? And what does it mean when someone absquatulates…? Find out all this and more in the Dictionary of Difficult Words. Test your knowledge with more than 400 words to amaze, confuse and inspire budding wordsmiths (and adults). All of the words featured in this book are difficult to spell, hard to say and their meaning is obscure to most children (and most adults!) Written with simple, easy-to-understand definitions by lexicographer Jane Solomon, this dictionary celebrates the beauty of the English language for family trivia time spent around the printed page

This Book Is Anti-Racist: 20 lessons on how to wake up, take action, and do the work

CREDIT: Ivy Kids, an imprint of The Quarto Group

Author: Tiffany Jewell /  illustrated by: Aurélia Durand

Who are you? What is racism? Where does it come from? Why does it exist? What can you do to disrupt it? Learn about social identities, the history of racism and resistance against it, and how you can use your anti-racist lens and voice to move the world toward equity and liberation. Gain a deeper understanding of your anti-racist self as you progress through 20 chapters that spark introspection, reveal the origins of racism that we are still experiencing and give you the courage and power to undo it. Each chapter builds on the previous one as you learn more about yourself and racial oppression. Exercise prompts get you thinking and help you grow with the knowledge.

The Power Book: What is it, Who Has it and Why?

CREDIT: Ivy Kids, an imprint of The Quarto Group 

Author: Claire Saunders, Georgia Amson-Bradshaw, Minna Salami, Mik Scarlet, Hazel Songhurst / Consultant editor: Roxane Gay / Illustrated by: Joelle Avelino

What makes you the boss of me? What makes a king a king, or a queen a queen? Why can some people vote for their leaders, but other people can’t? Does having lots of money make you powerful? Why are there fewer female scientists, leaders and artists than men in history books? These are things that children wonder about. Beautifully illustrated and thought-provoking, The Power Book attempts to answer these and other questions in a relatable way for young children. Readers will gain an understanding of their place in their family, their school, and the world, and will discover ways in which they can use their own power to shape the future.

Step into Your Power: 23 lessons on how to live your best life

CREDIT: Ivy Kids, an imprint of The Quarto Group 

Author: Jamia Wilson / Illustrated by: Andrea Pippins

Listen up sister! You’ve heard about heroes and read about the greats, but how do you actually get there yourself? This book shows you how to make your big dreams a big reality. Learn from the lived experience of author Jamia Wilson and illustrator Andrea Pippins as they mentor you through growing up in the modern world, and teach you how to STEP INTO YOUR POWER. ‘Slay your fear!’ ‘You’ve got this!’ ‘Take heart and trust your gut!’ In this friendly guide, ‘big sister’ Jamia Wilson helps you achieve your dreams and know your rights with caring advice and actions you can take and make your very own. Explore what it means to know and trust your insights and capabilities with stories, images, activities, resources and action prompts that you can interact with on your own time and, most importantly, on your terms. Unlock your power and be yourself – you may just change the world!

Boy Oh Boy: From boys to men, be inspired by 30 coming-of-age stories of sportsmen, artists, politicians, educators and scientists

Credit: Wide-Eyed Editions, an imprint of The Quarto 

Author Cliff Leek / Illustrated by Bene Rohlmann

Meet 30 positive male role models from throughout history. From activists like Mahatma Gandhi and Frederick Douglass to creative innovators like Prince and David Hockney, these men have fought conventional stereotypes to prove that modern-day masculinity can be defined freely. Instead of a single model of how a boy can grow into a man, this book offers 30 stories of people whose lives demonstrate that there are endless possibilities – that boys and men can do and be so much more than what we think of when we say things like ‘boys will be boys.’ Discover a world of inspirational change-makers, teachers, peacemakers, artists, scientists and more who have defied the expectations, care deeply about others, stand up for what is right and express themselves in creative and exciting ways. Inspiring a new generation of boys: David Hockney; Muhammad Ali; Nelson Mandela; Prince; Richard Loving; César Chávez; Thurgood Marshall; John Muir; Lebron James; Frederick Douglass; Patricio Manuel; Hayao Miyazaki; Oscar Wilde; Ta-Nehisi Coates; Ezra Jack Keats; Freddie Mercury; Grandmaster Flash; Luther Christman; Mahatma Gandhi; Bruce Lee; Carl Sagan; George Washington Carver; Jaime Escalante; Carlos Acosta; Bayard Rustin; Edward Enninful; John Dewey; Alfred Nobel; Kit Yan; W.E.B. Du Bois

Run the Show Like CEO Oprah Winfrey

CREDIT: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, an imprint of The Quarto Group 

Author: Caroline Moss / Illustrated by: Sinem Erkas

When Oprah Winfrey was a little girl, she watched her grandma hang clothes out on the line. Oprah adored her grandma, but she knew in that moment her life was going to be different… And she was right. Discover how Oprah became a billionaire CEO and media mogul in this true story of her life. Then, learn 10 key lessons from her work you can apply to your own life. Featuring inspiring quotes and mantras, this is a book for all kids wanting to forge their own career path.

Humperdink, Our Elephant Friend

Credit: The Quarto Publishing Group, words & pictures 

Author Sean Taylor / illustrated by Claire Alexander

When Humperdink the baby elephant joins the children’s playgroup, he seems friendly enough, but it soon becomes clear that he’s not very good at the usual games the children play, like dressing up or hide-and-seek. When he breaks the children’s favorite slide, everyone feels sad. But with a little patience and understanding the children soon discover that Humperdink is good at some things – especially if they use their imaginations – leading to a riotously fun conclusion.

Science in a Jar: 35+ Experiments in Biology, Chemistry, Weather, the Environment, and More!

CREDIT: Quarry Books, an imprint of The Quarto Group

Author: Julia Garstecki

With Science in a Jar, kids and grown-ups need only gather a jar and a few other inexpensive and readily available household objects to begin investigating and confirming the science at work all around them. The 35+ experiments included cover various scientific disciplines: life science, earth science, physical science, weather, and more. Each experiment is headed by a supplies list and difficulty level, as well as a short description of the project to be undertaken and the scientific principles with which the readers will interact. Directions and photographs guide readers through the scientific method in each experiment, while short features offer multileveled reading opportunities with explanations of terms, interesting quick facts, and brief descriptions of how scientists apply the specific concepts that readers just witnessed in the larger world today. In addition to providing readers with a better understanding of basic scientific concepts, Science in a Jar ignites curiosity, increases confidence to investigate scientific concepts, and fosters a love of science.

Learn More, Follow and Shop Quarto Knows : Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest

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  • The idea behind *Boy Oh Boy* is great, and addresses a desperate need in our society. I work with teenagers and couldn’t tell you how many teenage boys (and girls) really suffer from the lack of a decent father figure or male role model. It’s very sad.

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  • Looks like you’ve compiled a great list for back to school gifts. I don’t have any children, but I’ll definitely pass this along to those that do. The kids smartwatch is pretty cool!

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