The Benefits Of A More Durable Home

For those of you that are sick and tired of repairs needed to your home, this is something you don’t have to worry about anymore. With the latest products and techniques, you can make your home more durable than ever before. It’s the little things that get to us. A small gap in the window frame and you have a leak that can cause a lot of damage. Mold can work its way into your bathroom and then slowly, pollute the air in your home. You might have a staircase that creaks and cracks, or perhaps a floorboard that seems to never stay quiet. You can fix these issues with simple strategies and techniques, that won’t need you to call out a specialist or handyman. It’s not just your home perse, as there are plenty of items that you can and should buy purely for how durable they are. The kitchen is the focus for many as most of the daily physical labor takes place here. Keep it simple and you can have a home that lasts for a long time without the need for fixing or replacing.


Creaking floorboards and steps

The creaking of a floorboard occurs when a wooden plank is flexing and bending. However, if you have floorboards or steps on your staircase that always creak, this could lead to eventual structural failure. Your foot might go straight through the board one day if you leave it too long. And yet, you don’t need to actually rip it out and replace it. Instead, you should make the area warmer. Usually, planks will creak and groan because they are too stiff to flex. When wood is warm, it’s more likely to bend without protest. Thus, placing a sheet of foam over the area and then putting a rug over the top can make the problem go away. You may also want to sew the piece of foam into the carpet itself for practical purposes. 

The same can be done for your steps. If you have carpet on your staircase, then you might need to pull up the piece of carpet over the step to place the sheet of foam underneath. If you have bare wooden steps, then taking the step apart to apply a subfloor adhesive is the only way to fix the issue. Take off the screws holding the step down. Then straighten and align the stringer board to the center of the step, making sure it’s perfectly vertical. Then apply the adhesive which will grip onto the board and force any weight-bearing to be done by the stringer. This middle support will stop the step from creaking by reattaching it to the board.



Living with a pet?

If you have a pet, you’ll know how easy it can be for them to make your home look tired. It’s just in their nature to chew on things and scratch hard surfaces to sharpen their claws. But with a few good items, you can make their life in your home more tolerable. For example, get your dog a chew proof dog bed which he can bite and gnaw on as much as he wishes without damaging that on which he sleeps. The best most highly praise is the Kuranda High Strength PVC chew-proof frame which gives overall, the best strength. This bed is slightly off the ground so it gives your dog the ability to hang off the edge which he’ll love to do no doubt.

Dogs love to chew and bite their toys because this is the main way they feel items and get a sense of what they are. The Zogoflex Hurley is a great toy for canines that can’t stop chewing around the house. It’s a toy that floats so it’s great for giving to your dog while taking a dip in the swimming pool. If the toy is somehow destroyed the brand will give you a replacement for free. Or perhaps give your dog a Kong Flyer disc that acts like a Frisbee but has two to three times the strength. This is a great toy to take with you on a beach holiday so your dog won’t risk snapping or ripping it. 



Two front garden options

The exterior of your home is always going to take the most battering. The wind and rain will eventually wither away your front garden into perhaps the finest and less luscious lawn. Your pathway will also eventually need to be repaired and the soil beneath the concrete will consolidate and be collected to one side. Thus, you should consider these two options to give your front garden more rigidity and durability so you won’t need to repair it anytime soon.

Pebbling: Instead of concrete slabs, pebbles are the better option for a more steady and absorbing pathway. With a pebble pathway, you have added protection from the rain as well as protection from weight coming from above. Concrete slabs will sink over time but the process is accelerated when you put your weight on the slab after a rainy day. This can cause sudden titling and loosen the foundations. With pebbles, your weight is distributed evenly and cushioned by a few layers.

Tarmac: Tarmac is an incredibly tough material, far more resilient than concrete. It’s by far the most popular option for those looking for a strong driveway that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Tarmac will erode from rain damage but it doesn’t slide to one side. Tarmac breaks up into little pieces which makes repairing the surface a lot easier and cheaper. It’s also a slippery material when dry so channeling rainwater into drains is done in a far more efficient manner. Tarmac is also cheap to install and can be ready to use in just a few hours. 

For a more durable home, consider placing a sheet of foam underneath a rug and placing both over a creaking floorboard. You’ll be protecting your floor from cracking and it’s much cheaper than replacing the boards. To stop your pooch biting your furniture, you should also give your dog something to chew on in the form of an indestructible toy. 


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