Every piece of clothing that you wear is made of some sort of fabric or another. So, unless you want to spend the rest of your life parading around in your birthday suit, you’re going to have to wear some form of fabric at some point. And, when it comes to choosing what fabrics you will be wearing, please let the points below sway your choices because they document the fabrics that you should categorically be avoiding.

Read on to find the fabrics that fall into this category and the points that put them there.

 The Fabrics That You Should Avoid Wearing at All Costs


You’ve probably heard of polyester, but have you ever actually questioned what is polyester? Well, whether you have or not, you should know that polyester is, first and foremost, a plastic. And that is why it makes it onto this list and why it should be a fabric choice that you avoid — do you really want to be wearing plastic in your day to day to life?

Yes, polyester clothing should be avoided, but it should not be avoided at all costs. You see, polyester fabric is actually really handy when it comes to designing clothes that are made for sport because it does not stretch or shrink no matter how much physical exertion it is put through. So, if you’re a keen sportsperson, it’s okay to have some polyester in your wardrobe.


Your nails aren’t the only things that wear acrylic fibers to cover themselves up and make themselves look better, you do too. But, you shouldn’t do if your value your health, or more to the point you wouldn’t do if you knew the dangers doing so posed to your health. Yes, by wearing clothes that are made with acrylic fabrics and fibers like polycrylonitriles, such as cheap jumpers, you put yourself at a higher risk of being diagnosed with some form of cancers.


Rayon is basically just recycled wood pulp, but don’t let the positive buzzword ‘recycled’ fool you. No, Rayon is not good to wear just because it is recycled because of the fact that, in order to be recycled, this fabric is treated with caustic soda, ammonia, acetone and sulphuric acid, all of which are chemicals that can and will harm your skin over time.

Acetate and Triacetate

Similarly, the fabric brothers of acetate and triacetate are also made from wood, and like Rayon they go through a chemical change and chemical imbalance in order to be made into clothing that is wearable.

Do you really want you or your kids to be wearing clothes made of fabrics that have been produced thanks to chemical changing and chemical engineering? No? Thought not.

As well as the fabrics above, you should also do all you can to avoid wearing any sort of fabric that is purposely made to be, or is altered to be, stain resistant. Yes, stain resistance may be handy, but it’s not healthy for you or your skin!

So, there you have it, four fabrics that you should be avoiding when it comes to your clothing choices; make sure to remember them and the points that came with them when you come to building your next wardrobe. Oh, and when you’re building this wardrobe, why not make it as eco-friendly as it can be, too? That way you’d be benefiting your own health and the health of your planet, and that’s always a win-win!

The Fabrics That You Should Avoid Wearing at All Costs

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  1. Cotton, wool and linen are my favorite fabrics. They do add a small amount of other to many items, it can be hard to avoid altogether, but I try.

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